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VR poker game "Poker VR" landing on Oculus Rift

 Recently, Mega Particle released a free multiplayer VR poker game --《 Poker VR 》, which allows people to play poker together in the VR, thus bringing people a new social experience. Poker VR is compatible with Oculus Rift and Oculus Go.


Mega Particle has created a social oriented VR game that supports mobile VR, VR integration, and PC-side cross-platform connectivity. A highly customizable virtual avatar system is created in the game, allowing players to choose a wide variety of virtual characters



In addition, the game can even convey some information through the player's head and hands. The development team says that Poker VR can display realistic facial expressions to achieve natural interaction.


Mega Particle CEO Hamza Siddiqui said: "Poker VR is one of the top-selling free applications on the Oculus platform. Next, we will continue to develop to enable it to support more platforms. "


poker analyzer is predict poker games result advance in different poker games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Baccarat. Usually, poker analyzer is used to read the barcode marked cards rather than the back marked analyzer just like smart phone and you can use it to make a call or surf the Internet.


poker analyzer equiped with poker scanning camera, it can read and analyzer barcode marked cards within few second with 100% accurate. While.In order to hide cheating, the poker analyzer can work with the external poker scanning camera like power bank scanning camera, watch scanning camera, wallet scanning camera and so on. After poker analyzer analyze the marking playing cards, you can receive game’s result by your earpieces. it’ll calculate poker odds of all poker hands by its poker analysis software. You can know the poker rankings by watching the time mode or the wireless earpiece.