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The woman is addicted to gambling and loses $110,000. After losing her savings, Still wants to rely on gambling to win money


The woman is addicted to gambling and loses $110,000. After losing her savings, Still wants to rely on gambling to win money


Broadcasting and Television on February 23rd, when the people were still immersed in the festive atmosphere of the New Year, the news hotline received a call from the public Mr. Tang, saying that his wife was addicted to gambling, not only lost the savings of the family for many years, Still owe a lot of debt. In the face of the family's bitterness, the wife not only did not listen to the advice, but also wanted to gambling to win money, the happy family is now facing a fragmented situation.


Mr. Tang, 45 years old, is a native of Zhangjiajie. Twenty-three years ago, he fell in love with his wife at first sight, loved Taojiang, and had a daughter.



Mr. Tang said that his wife is a native of Taojiang, who is kind and hardworking. My daughter was admitted to a college in Changsha last year. Although the family is not rich, it is also very happy.



In order to earn money to support his family, Mr. Tang went to thousands of miles in Shanghai for working, while his wife took care of his family at home. In recent years, his wife began to indulge in playing cards and gambling, and the couple’s emotion have cracked.


Mr. Tang told reporters that her daughter had just been admitted to college last year, and her wife called him to say that 90,000 yuan of the family had been lost by her, and she still owed 20,000 yuan. But at that time, Mr. Tang told his wife that it doesn't matter to owe money, as long as it is in good health. And let his wife tell him who owes money, he will give her back every month, and hope that his wife will not gamble again.




Mr. Tang said that his wife usually loves playing cards and loves to gamble.But he knows too , but he lost a lot of money at once, and he was also very surprised. He said that he was working in Shanghai to save money. He only slept at 2:30 in the morning, started at 6:30 in the morning, and only slept for 4 hours. He also worked for two jobs, in order to let his wife and daughter live a good life, but The wife secretly carried his own gambling debts at home. Despite this, I thought that my wife had been single-minded for this family. After learning that his wife had lost all his savings, Mr. Tang did not blame her much. He only hoped that he could pay off his debts in time and keep her away from gambling. However, the wife who lost her eye was obviously not interested in the words of her husband, Mr. Tang, but also wanted to win back the lost money.




In desperation, Mr. Tang told his family about his wife's addiction to gambling, and hoped that his family would be able to save his wife's heart. The immediate relatives of the wife's mother family came to persuade the wife after they understood the situation, but the wife who did not listen to it, who advised who to treat as an enemy, and even no contacted the family for several months. Afer  Mr. Tang and his wife may be made a divorce.


Mr. Tang said that gambling harms others. As a family member of the party, he hopes that through his own personal experience, he will appeal to the masses to stay away from gambling, not because of gambling, and the fragmentation of the family.