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Brett Murray Win $151,145 and Third Gold Ring




29-year-old Brett Murray won the Main Event for $151,145 at  last year’s Thunder Valley Casino Champ, and the other was Manju Gera, who finished as the Casino Champ.



This was his fourth final table finish and second title of the year and earned 720 Card Player Player of the Year points as the champion of this event, and it was enough to see him move into 84th place on the overall POY race leaderboard.


Thunder Valley Casino held the 2018 World Series of Poker Circuit  and put in $1,700,  $1,700 no-limit hold’em main event drew a field of 464 total entries to easily surpass the event’s $500,000 guarantee and build a final prize pool of $702,960. Among those to get a piece of it were Dylan Wilkerson (12h - $11,311), Amir Lehavot (24th - $5,469), JC Tran (31st - $3,534), and Allen Kessler (50th - $2,669).


The clash between Murray and Tran is being heralded as the match of the season. On a flop of J( spade )8( Heart) 3( spade ) Murray lead out for 800,000 only to have Tran move all-in over the top. Murray quickly called with the K(Spade) K (Diamond) for an overpair. Tran held the 10 (Heart) 7 (Heart) for a gutshot straight draw and backdoor flush draw. The 5 (Spade ) on hte turn left Tran needing a non-spade nine on the river. Instead, it was the Q (Spade) that rolled off the deck to give Murray a flush for the win. Tran was in second place and earning $93,444.







Brett Murray

Santa Rosa, CA



Viet Tran

Alexandria, VA



Adam Duong

San Jose, CA



Paul Richardson

San Ramon, CA



Stuart Tuvey

Los Altos, CA



Eyyal Altar

Sherman Oaks, CA



Marlon Nonales

Sunnyvale, CA



Jason Mayer

Daly City



Tommy Chen

San Jose, CA


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