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A dealer named Zhang Ming helped the player to swindle money in the casino. The amount exceeded 1 million Dollar.

 The Associated Press reported that a dealer named Zhang Ming was arrested for conspiring with players to defraud more than $1 million from the casino in Maryland. Zhang Ming was in court on Tuesday ,The facts of the crime are deny confessed.


Judging from the information recorded in the court documents, Zhang Ming had teamed up with a player at the baccarat table in September last year. When the player sat at the table, Zhang Ming sneaked the unsend card to the player look. The player use this information to make a profit.




Assistant prosecutor Eric Pulice said in a court statement that when the bet person knows the card in advance, he can almost 100% predict the result of a hand, which is said to have caused the casino to lose about 1.04 million.


When the player wins the money from the casino, Zhang Ming Charge a certain amount of money from player, but he faces a five-year sentence. At the time of the court session, the name of the casino was not mentioned, but people familiar with the matter said it was a casino near the Washington area.


According to the representative of the local gaming supervision bureau, Zhang Ming’s employment certificate has been revoked by the supervision bureau. Judging from the court documents, Zhang Ming was actually a recidivist. Before he was arrested, he used the same tricks from July to September last year to join hands with some players to swindle money from the casino. The investigators testified that Zhang Ming had received tens of thousands of money from the players he had “helped”. When the investigators found Zhang Ming, he initially denied the crimes, and in this fraud, Zhang Ming is the only person who has been charged and sentenced


In fact, this is not the first case where the dealer helped the player to profit from the casino baccarat table. In the case of Phil Ivey, Ivey was able to get tens of millions  from the casino. although the dealer was not an affair with Ivey and his companion Cheung Yin Sun, but it was because the dealer accepted Ivey to let him issue the card in his own suggestion, so Ivey and his companions could use the card. The difference on the back judged the front of the card and earned nearly 20 million knives. Of course, in Ivey's case, the dealers did "God assists", but they should not be divided like Zhang Ming. Both cases are currently being won by the casino.


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