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Jungleman is too strong? PS is willing no Receive commissions to let him play high stakes




When it comes to Receive commissions in the poker room, everyone is no stranger to it. In particular, the high commissions of PS has made a lot of noise in the poker world, which has led to a long-lasting battle between PS representative Daniel Negreanu and social madman Doug Polk. Senior top players chose to leave after PS announced the decision. Just when everyone is deadlocked for the discussion of high pumping problems, there is such a big god that take advantage of high commissions! Be aware that PS has never considered what bonuses to give back to players. This great god is Dan Jungleman Cates!


This is a story about early registration.



On September 15th, at the time of 19:30 local time, the PS WCOOP-54-H $10,300 bought eight mixed events before the game. The first 10 players who signed up for the game received a reward of $300 rebate. Say the actual registration fee is only $10k! This benefit was grabbed by Dan Cates, not only because he was one of the top 10 players in the tournament, but also the final ninth place in the event, with a prize of $30,000, although not comparable to Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom (No. 4, $75k) and Champion 'Colisea' ($225,000), but such a small lucky enough to make him happy.



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