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Poker Players were defeated by the robot Libratus and answered questions from people



The match between the four top human poker players and the artificial intelligence Libratus developed by Carnegie Mellon University was completed at the Rivers Casino on Monday. Libratus made a total of $1.4 million in the 100/200 blinds  SOLO game.


A week after the game, human players are although behind, but still very confident, but the robot Self-learning very strong and quickly opened the sweep mode.


Two representatives, Dong Kim and Jason Les, answered questions from netizens at Reddit Q&A.


Question (DaveShoelace): What impact do you think the results of this competition will have on the future development of online poker?


Answer (Jason): In fact, AI is there, no matter what the outcome of this game, they are really difficult to deal with. AI can essentially beat anyone, and over time they are a big problem for the online poker industry.


Question (Marshy92): How has your strategy improved after playing with Libratus? Will you bet on the river card more frequently in the future?


Answer (Jason): When you face Libratus, the trouble that human opponents create for you is nothing.


Of course we will start betting more often bet on the river card pot, but it will take a long time to develop a strategy, because if it is not balanced, it will be a very big mistake.


Question (LolPharisees): I play a medium-level six-player game. Should I give up poker? Should I worry that after six to eight months, three of the opponents on the table are robots?


Answer (Dong): It's good news for you, because AI is currently not easy to beat the six-person table cash game.


Question (forava7): Which human player is the most like AI?


Answer (Jason): I want to say that AI's game style reminds me of Doug Polk, but its strategy is unique, the balance is very good, super hard to read its cards, we analyzed its data, can't find any Clue.




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