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Texas Hold'em Discussion : What is the best poker strategy?





You are playing the heads-up sng of the tournament. Your opponent's stack are 3.75 million and 5.75 million respectively. The blind injection is 30000/60000 and the bottom note is 10000. You still have 62 big blind stack.


You raise Q1-3h to 130,000 at the button position , the opponent calls. The flop came Qc-10c-9s.


You get the Top pair, bet 140000, opponents check - raise to 360000. You reraise to 615000, opponent all in. You still have 3005000  stack.




Should you call or fold? What cards of opponent's all in is reflected? If the opponent has a  Draw Hand, what kind of  draw hand will he use? What valuable cards might the opponent play with? Have you ever heard of a dead card?


Real scene


In the 2013 WSOP tournament, the 40:1,$500 unlimited Dezhou poker game, Jared Hamby faced this decision. He decided to take Qd-3h in the Qc-10c-9s of the flop.


The opponent Hengaskul showed 10s-9d and hit the bottom two pairs. Hamby can listen to two or three better. The turn and river cards are 2s-2h respectively. Hengaskul's two pairs were void and Hamby stack doubled.


After this hand, Hengaskul has only 2 million stack left. He was quickly eliminated and got a bonus of 325780 dollars. Hamby won his first gold bracelet and $525272 bonus.


In such a situation, how would you fight? why?


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