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Facebook’s biggest vulnerability in history, affected by hackers hitting 50 million users



Facebook, the U.S. social media giant that has yet to shake off the data leak and "false news" scandal, suffered another setback on the 28th. According to the New York Times reported on the 28th, Facebook announced the same day that hackers had stolen passwords to access 50 million users'accounts, "this is the company's 14-year history of the largest loophole." Affected by this news, Facebook shares closed 28 down 2.59%.


A hacker has exploited a vulnerability in Facebook's "preview" function to steal an access password to intrude and control a user's account, the Financial Times reported Wednesday. Facebook discovered the flaw on 25 and repaired it on the evening of 27. It is estimated that about 50 million users are affected by this matter. At present, Facebook has temporarily disabled the "preview" function, and reset the access passwords of 90 million users, including these users. It is understood that this is the first time since the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Ordinance that Facebook has encountered data leakage. According to the above regulations, serious data leakage may be punished by a fine of 4% of global revenue. For Facebook, this means 1,600 million dollars.


On the 28th Conference call, Facebook founder and CEO Zuckerberg said it was an extremely serious security incident. "In fact, we're facing constant attacks from people who want to control accounts," he said. "We need to do more to fundamentally prevent this from happening." However, the matter is still in the early stages of investigation, Facebook has not found who was behind the attack, and what information has been leaked.


The latest "security incidents" exacerbate the troubled Facebook company after allegations that the world's largest social networking platform, with 2.23 billion active users, has been repeatedly leaked user data to the "Cambridge analysis" company, so affecting the 2016 US presidential election.And the spread of false rumors and other allegations and suffered heavy losses. Opinions say the hacker attack will once again undermine public confidence in the Internet giant and may trigger calls for regulation of Facebook and other technology giants. "This hacker attack shows that Facebook is still not a solution," said Democratic Senator Mark Warner, a reminder of the dangers of handing large amounts of data to a company. "Congress needs to strengthen and take prompt measures to protect the privacy and security of social media users."


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