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The man who lost 2.5 million dollars in 10 years




The Finnish player's style is known for being fearless in online poker, like the Finnish players Patrik Antonius, Jens 'Jeans8'9 Kylonnen and Ilari 'ziigmund' Sahamies. They are one of the elite players in this circle. The profit is very high and the skills are good. In the years when the online poker high stakes table was popular, the above players earned a lot of money, but one Finnish compatriot was not as smooth as they were, he was Making a living in High table. After a few years , it was lose with 2.3 million .This person is Jani Vilmunens (who once used online nicknames KObyTAPOUT and kiiski).



When we look for a player online and offline profit, we can often find some interesting points. Take Vilmunens, his career has changed at a certain point, saying Before this change, let's take a look at his overall results.


In 2007, when the full-speed poker nose-level high-stakes table was full, the world's top online players all fighted there. Millions of dollars were converted in the hands of these players, and in these top players there is no lack of Finnish players, in the hands of those Finnish cards, Vilmunens seems to be the only one of them who has been experiencing the cold winter.





However, Vilmunens did not lose at the beginning. In 2007, his performance was actually very good. He had nearly win $400,000 in the whole year, but the problem came in 2008, although he won in a multiplayer pot 300,000 dollar, but in the end he ended up lose with more than  700,000 ..




However, 2008 was only the beginning. In 2009, Vilmunens lost 7 digits. In that year, he played 12015 hands card and lost an average of $100 per hand.


However, although the results on the Internet are very bad, in the online competition, Vilmunens's results are not bad. God still has some guilty conscience for him. In reality, he won a championship in Finland and won a prize of 53,000. In September 2009, he won a 35-dollars prize in London and took a gold bracelet from WSOPE.


Offline profitability For the loss of Vilmunens, it was just a drop in the bucket, despite the profit of more than 400,000 dollars, but at the time Vilmunens online had lost nearly 1.6 million dollars with the 'KObyTAPOUT' account, smart players perhaps this time stop and exit loss , but Vilmunens still did not give up, he opened a new account at full speed, continue his high stakes trip, but this time the result ... still keep up with no difference.



As can be seen from the above picture, Vilmunens application the new account but started as before. At first, he still earned money. When he earned more money, he could win nearly 500,000, but it was still a short-lived, after two Years later, he lost almost $200,000 with this kiiski new number, but this time there is no movement in 2014, but this is not this time Vilmunens to withdraw . His  withdraw is at the end of 2016. .



While Vilmunens played with kiiski account, he actually opened accounts in other poker rooms. In an account we found "Tapout" account, in the 6 years from 2011 to 2016, Vilmunens lost again. Nearly $500,000, and by December 2016, that was the last time we found the trail of Vilmunens on the online poker.


From 2007 until 2016, the Finnish player lost nearly 2.5 million dollars on online poker, and this number has made him one of the players who have suffered the most losses on the high stakes so far. Let the Finnish player completely leave the online high stakes table...





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