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Cardistry, also known as fancy cut, fancy shuffle and so on. Cardistry is a cool new art, giving ordinary cards to interest and soul, and letting ordinary and mysterious cards dance in your fingers.

Cardistry originated from magic, but as time went on, it slowly broke away from magic and became an independent art form. By De'vo (the founder of XCM (Extreme card manipulation) and the twin brothers of Dan and Dave (the founder of the elegant card game), the concept of Cardistry was introduced to the world.

Through the efforts and practice of many  Cardist, today's Cardistry has become a fairly mature form of art, a form of visualized card performance, and a new single word "Cardistry" (Card - is - try) created in the world.

Now teach you to make Giant Fan

Fan:Take a place as a fulcrum, and then expand the card with a fulcrum, showing a circular or fan-shaped movement, which is highly ornamental.

1,we prepare a deck of cards and carry out riffle shuffle, but do not finish it, just keep two half is overlap state.( just like video.)

2,Hold the one end of the card between the thumb and the forefinger like this.

3,Use the back of your hand to gently stir the card at the end of your hand to fan it out. (do not stir the card outside, otherwise the card will disperse and fall).