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Global warming is left to humans for only 12 years

 The world is gone. . . . . .


Just yesterday, the United Nations Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a heavy warning:


The global warming needs to be controlled at 1.5 degrees Celsius, otherwise the Earth will have a devastating climate after 2030.


Simply put, the time left for us is only 12 years.



12 years? Netizens blasted the pot.


"This has been said clearly enough, and our time is running out."







What exactly happened?


This is to say that this summer, the northern hemisphere has not stopped.


First, there was a rare high temperature in the Arctic Circle, and the temperature once exceeded 30 °C. The glaciers are cracked, the snow is melting, and the homeless polar bears have to travel farther to find food.


A photographer captured an embarrassing picture on the Baffin Island in Canada on the Arctic Circle:



The hungry, thin-eyed polar bear dragged his heavy footsteps, wading through the mountains to find food, and finally only got a little residue from a petrol can to fill his stomach.


The temperature rises, the glaciers melt, the sea level rises...


The extreme changes in the polar climate, like the dominoes, and the rest of the northern hemisphere, are out of control.


First of all, the most obvious is the extreme high temperature:



The Nordic city of Sweden has set a record high temperature for a hundred years, causing forest fires



Some parts of the UK continue to have high temperatures and drought this summer, setting a record for the driest summer in 50 years.



The rising temperatures have also triggered extreme weather on a global scale.


California mountain fires are raging. The new IPCC report believes that wildfires will become more frequent if the climate is not controlled.




Hurricane Florence ravaged the United States this summer, causing 6.2 million people to watch their homes swallowed up by the hurricane, but forced to evacuate their homes.




A super typhoon landed in Japan, and Osaka had the strongest wind in 57 years - 15 winds, and the city was paralyzed.


The torrential rain that followed caused the car to soak in the water like a dumpling, and the airport instantly became a dock.



Cars perform drift stunts in the wind



It is worth noting that this time the IPCC report differs from the Paris Agreement set in 2015. The IPCC adjusted the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius instead of the 2 degrees Celsius proposed by the Paris Agreement.



The gap of 0.5 degrees Celsius seems to be irrelevant? In fact, a little temperature difference is fatal to the Earth's blow.





For an analogy:


If the temperature rises by 0.5 degrees Celsius, the possibility of ice-free in the Arctic Ocean will increase by 10 times in summer, and the sea level will rise by 10 cm. More than 99% of the corals will disappear.



The endangered creatures, the disappearing natural landscape, and the submerged seaside city. . . . . .



Just ask, what else can we keep?



Worse, however, according to CNN, the 1.5 degree Celsius heating limit has been used by two-thirds.


The new report shows that global temperature rise is expected to break the 1.5-degree mark around 2040.


To avoid the "end of the world", only 2030 years ago, the main cause of climate change, carbon dioxide emissions, will fall to around 45% in 2010. And this will obviously touch the interests of many countries and industries.



As the world's second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the United States sent a terrifying "big gift" to the future of the Earth and humanity on the International Children's Day on June 1 this year: the United States officially withdrew from the Paris Agreement!


* Popular Science Time: What is the Paris Agreement?


The Paris Agreement was signed in 2015 and was confirmed by the United States and 194 Contracting States in 2016 and officially entered into force in November 2016. According to the agreement, the parties participate in the global response to climate change by means of independent contributions; developed countries continue to take the lead in reducing emissions and strengthen financial, technological and capacity building support for developing countries to help them mitigate and adapt to climate change.


US President Trump said: "The Paris Agreement will cause the United States to lose profits and benefit other countries such as China and India. . . . This is an agreement to transfer US interests to other countries, putting the United States in an unfavourable competitive position. Such a thing, as long as I am in the day, I will not allow it to happen, I am sorry.



At the same time, Trump also proposed to stop funding some UN's response to climate change projects, and significantly cut the US Environmental Protection Agency's budget.


Some people in the United States, such as Trump, have always believed that "the climate warming crisis is actually a scam, a scam that wants the United States to save money." They believe that reducing emissions will damage the US economic development and weaken the competitiveness of the United States.



However, we are self-proclaimed at the top of the food chain and seem to forget that we are not the master of the earth.


Ding Zhongli, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an interview:


I often see people saying, "We humans want to save the earth," but the earth does not need humans to save!


The earth has been 44 to 46 billion years old and has experienced many different periods. But no matter what period, no matter how great the earth has suffered, whether or not human beings exist, the earth is the earth.


Therefore, when one day humans exhausted the earth's resources, the earth became very hot, and the sea level rose by 100 meters. Even if humans would die like dinosaurs, the earth would still be the earth.


Today, we are not saving the earth, it is precisely our own human beings.



Now, the IPCC report sends a clear warning to the world:


To save mankind, we have 12 years left.


Otherwise, until 2040, Post-90s, you will see the world perish. . . . . .


@文文clo_2px: In 2040, my mortgage has not been returned yet, the world will not work?


@To face life with ease: Post-90s  living under the pressure of hair loss, in 2040, it’s almost easy to life and witness the world’s demise?


@烂仔: At that time, I was only 44 years old, and I was younger than I died [tears]


@瑶瑶酱 is the big devil: This is really the biggest scene ever seen after 90!


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