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Graduate student are obsessed with "Texas Hold'em" and lost 300,000 in 2 months.

 A graduate student in a university in Chongqing is obsessed with "Texas Hold'em Poker". In just two months, he lost more than 300,000 yuan in a gambling website for light scholarships and credit cards. On the 13th, the police in Chongqing’s Minjiang River reported that they had destroyed this extra-large cyber gambling criminal gang, arrested 27 suspects, and detained the alliance and three clubs for more than 2 million yuan in funds, involving more than 34 million yuan in capital flow (gambling).


The scene where the suspect identified the crime tool


Investigation! Club organization network platform gambling


In February of this year, in the special campaign of “sweeping black and evil”, the police in Qianjiang River found that people in Qianjiang River used the online platform to play gambling in the form of “Texas playing cards”.


The Qianjiang River police immediately organized a capable police force to conduct investigations. After two consecutive months of preliminary investigation, it was initially found out that in mid-March this year, Peng, a 23-year-old unemployed young man from Qianjiang River, registered a “24-hour Texas” club on the “Poker Circle” online gambling platform and joined the online line – Shaanxi "Future Alliance". Subsequently, Mr.Peng posted advertisements through WeChat and friends, and recruited more than 100 members to enter the club for gambling.


The police found that there were many gambling gamblers and huge gambling funds. WeChat and Alipay settlements are used between clubs and players and alliances, and some are transferred by mobile banking. Therefore, the police decided to file a case for investigation.


Since the establishment of the alliance, dozens of clubs across the country have joined. Among them, the three clubs in Chongqing are: “24-hour Dezhou” (Qianjiang District), “Haoqing” (Shapingba District), and “Two Rivers Poker Circle” (Yubei District).


The police grasped the fund payment method of the gambling gang, the facts of gambling crimes and the location of the gang's backbone, fixed the evidence chain of the crime involved, and decided to arrest.



The scene where the suspect identified the crime tool


Attack! 27 suspects arrested


On April 18, after the media learned that the public security organs were cracking down on online Texas Hold'em gambling, Mr. Wang and other three shareholders discussed, and Mr. Yan, who is responsible for managing customer service, has led several recruiting customer service personnel to beat the rap.  “future alliance”  transfer from Tongchuan City to Sihanoukville, Cambodia continues to engage in gambling activities.


In order to ensure the successful completion of the arrest operation, the Qianjiang River Police specially set up a centralized gambling project operation headquarters. 


With the strong support of the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Netan Corps, the police detachment led the intensive criminal investigation, network security, economic investigation, legal system, etc. In the synthetic warfare of the police, more than 90 police officers were dispatched, and the group rushed to Shaanxi and Chongqing to conduct centralized and unified arrest operations in the local area of ​​Minjiang.


"Action!" At 5:00 pm on May 21, with the order, the arrest groups were simultaneously catched.


At 5 o'clock in the afternoon, after nearly 2 hours of wait, the police in Xi'an responsible for the arrest of the "Future Alliance" shareholder Mr. Sun finally found that he was driving the car home. However, from the car together, his wife and Carrying the schoolbag, about 6 years old son. If arrested at this time, it may cause harm to the child's psychology, and the arresting group will suspend the action. 


After Sun and his wife and children returned home, the arresting team contacted the local police station and closely monitored them. When Mr. Sun and his children were separated , Mr. Sun were arrested. Mr. Sun was moved after the incident: "I didn't expect you to think so thoughtfully." And actively explained his criminal facts.

At the same time, the police responsible for arresting the “Huiqing Club” in Chongqing’s Shapingba District will controlled four men and three women who are “working” in the living room. After searching, he was captured by a man and a woman who were doing "customer service work" in the "Holy Club" studio in the top floor of the house. On the spot, 7 workstation computers and 5 tablet computers were seized, and more than 30 bank cards and 6 mobile phones were seized.


At 6 o'clock that night, with the cooperation of Xi'an police,Mr. Wang, the general manager of the "Future Alliance", was arrested in his hometown in Xi'an New City.

That night, the “Two Rivers Poker Circle” club opened in Weibei and the “24-hour Texas” club opened in Lijiang were destroyed in one fell swoop. The main leaders and key members of the two clubs have been arrested.


On June 1, Kang Moumou, a criminal suspect who continued to engage in online gambling in Cambodia (was chased by the Internet), returned to Cambodia from Cambodia and was arrested by Yunnan police when he was preparing for a visa to travel to the Philippines.


So far, the police arrested 27 suspects such as Wang, Liu and Peng, arrested more than 30 computer tools for crimes, more than 60 mobile phones, and more than 70 bank cards. More than 120 bank cards were frozen and the alliance was detained. The funds involved in the three clubs are more than 2 million yuan.



Gambling gang member


Receive the net! The gambling involved in the case was more than 34 million yuan

After investigation, in mid-March this year, 36-year-old self-employed Mr. Wang and his gambler Mr. Sun (male, 32 years old, college culture) and Sunmou’s friend Yan Mou (at large) were negotiating.  using a gambling software in a community in Tongchuan City. The poker circle "APP platform" opened an online casino "future alliance" (hereinafter referred to as "the alliance") to develop clubs to participate in gambling profits. Subsequently, the alliance recruited the club through WeChat, WeChat friends circle and its own resources. The club then developed gambling personnel into the APP, and through the gambling game opened by the alliance, gambling was played by playing Texas Hold'em.


According to investigations, since March this year, a total of 43 clubs across the country have joined the alliance. The funds of the three clubs that have been seized have reached more than 34 million yuan.


Zhou, who is doing business in Wuhan (male, 29 years old, master's degree), from January 2017 to mid-May this year, lost more than 500,000 yuan in the "Huanqing" club in just over a year. It often gambles, generally 3,000 yuan to the club, up to 30,000 yuan. It said that the family has not known about its gambling, and the business has plummeted.


Small gambling is good, big gambling hurts.