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What level of terror has modern medicine developed?

 In December of last year, a seriously injured patient was admitted to the surgery department of the Shandong city of Weifang province Chinese eighty-ninth Hospital of PLA.


The patient was seriously injured in his right hand because of an accident.


How serious does it hurt?


The entire  arm from the small arm to the fingers is cut into 6 segments.


The picture is bloody. In order to let you feel the patient's injury intuitively and not cause discomfort, I found an X-ray which was supposed to be taken during the treatment on the Internet to give you an intuitive feeling.


It can be seen that the whole hand is almost cut off by 5 equidistant sharp edges. A complete hand becomes 12 pieces, and 5 fingers are damaged into 8 pieces of different sizes.


It can be seen that the whole hand is almost cut off by 5 equidistant sharp knife. A complete hand becomes 12 pieces, and 5 fingers are damaged into 8 pieces of different sizes.



Shocking, it may be normal for people to think that this hand has no saved. After all, a normal person has 20 fingers and toes together, and this hand is broken into 12 knots.


However, it is such a handicapped, the doctors of the Chinese eighty-ninth Hospital of PLA, three groups of nine people, after 17 hours of continuous fighting, This hand was joined in a hard way


You should know that the re-surgery of the broken limb can not only connect the bones, but all the blood vessels, nerves and muscles must be sewed by the doctor a little. The needles used are not visible to the naked eye. The doctor needs optical equipment, less than 1mm Needle leads in the area


And every step should be careful and careful,If not careful, even if it is connected, it will affect the functional recovery after replanting.


Here is the picture after the palm is joined. In order to take care of everyone's reading experience, I have mosaicized it, but you can still see the effect according to the outline.



How, most people may see this photo and feel the horror of broken limbs.


For medical workers, what is seen is the horror of the development of replanted limbs under the development of modern medicine.


In fact, the world's best technology for replantation of severed limbs is China.


As early as half a world ago in 1963, Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital completed the world's first arm replantation under the leadership of Academician Chen Zhongwei. Today, the six hospitals in Shanghai are still the world's largest centers for replantation of severed limbs.


In the half century after this, the domestic replantation technique of the limbs is also constantly developing. It is even possible to save some of the limbs with good state but poor tissue of the broken ends of fractured bone in the abdomen of the patient. wait the broken ends of fractured bone was Handle well after take it and link it.


Of course, this medical technology is not completely perfect now, because the domestic replantation surgery has been done very well, but the postoperative functional recovery effect is still not satisfactory.


Postoperative complications such as long-term swelling of the fingers, local dysfunction, active flexion and extension dysfunction are still common, and it is not uncommon for the finger to collapse and the fingers to feel dull.


As early as 2003, Professor Cheng Guoliang, a well-known expert in hand and foot surgery in China, mentioned in the discussion about replantation of broken limbs that the recovery of function after replanting in China is still unsatisfactory. Several friends in the comments pointed out that the case of the 89th hospital was not completely successful.


But I think this is precisely the most horrible point of modern medicine: becoming better and approaching perfection day by day and never-ending.


First solve the problem from scratch, then solve the problem from the have this to the best, first link your hand, keep the hand, and then try to recover after surgery, try to keep more functions.


Although it is already the world leader, the domestic medical community is still working hard to solve the problem of limb function recovery after replantation of severed limbs.