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Many people think it's amazing how to cheat when so many people are seeing.Even surrounded by so many camera on the stage, how did the magician know what number of dice without touching the dice cup.Now, I will reveal the trick of dice for you.

The smart dice is mainly used for playing dice. First is guessing the size of the dice, and second is guessing the dice is single or double. The smart dice is a more practical dice, and there is no difference in breaking the dice.So don't worry about it,no one will find its hidden secret.
This kind of dice is inductive, and the main principle is to know the single and double dice in the bowl by radio wave induction.For example, if the two odd numbers of the dice are upwards, the sensor will not give any vibration and signal.If the dice is double up, the inductor will send out a strong wave so that you can feel it at once.If it is a singular and a even number up, the dice will send out a small amount of radio waves. At this point we can know that the dice is a single pair.

The method of using the electric wave dice is relatively simple.We must use our own dice when 
playing games,and pair of dice can be used for two days, but it is useless after two days.We tied the inductor to our arms or legs.There are two wires on the sensor, one is the signal line to receive the signal, and the other is the inductor.We need to fix the sensing head on our arms or legs.When the waves of hair feel numb, we can know the information in the dice cupaccurately.