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How fast is China developing in the eyes of non-Chinese people?

 When the Prime Minister of Singapore spoke, he told a story. Lee Hsien Loong bought chestnuts on the streets of Shanghai. He saw many people queuing up,They their mobile phones  swept and carried them away. He thought it was a special offer. When he arrived, he said, "I don't need a discount. I want to pay the full price." The shopkeeper showed a strange look and pointed to the two-dimensional code, and he knew it was not a Promotional Activities but a Wechat payment. The story was told by the Prime Minister of Singapore. There was a video showing how fast China was developing in the eyes of foreigners.





Larry Park

Answered Oct 20

China’s developing speed is crazy and unbelievable . I go visit China once in two years , in any other countries, you would not see much or nothing change in 2 years, but you can get lost in a Chinese city where you had been there two or three years ago because they keep building houses, roads, shopping malls, everything nonstop. The trains 20 years ago was slow as the trains in America. Beijing to Shanghai would take 12 hours, now HSR takes only 4 hours ( 754 miles = 1214 km ) .


I have lived in S. Cal for 20 years, I hardly see any changes except some new apartments buildings here and there. The same freeways are getting more cracks and potholds , just more cars are running . I wonder why the government doesn’t have funds to repair or build new roads. LA downtown is old and architectures are out-dated, behind China at least by 30 years . The hotels near LAX ( airport ) have been 30–40 years old and there is no any new ones . only recently there is new highiest builing completed there in downtown ,which is invested by a S.Korea company . There are three or four big new buildings to be built there by Chinese developers .







But who will go there where there are so many poor homeless people, dirty streets and risks of being robbed or assulted ? While going to any city center ( or downtown) in China is enjoyable. there are so many shopping, restaurents, movie theathers, and you know what ? it’s very very safe . Even a young girl can walk alone at night without danger . Who dear to do that in America big cities ? I don’t .

China has turned in just 30 years from a poor country to a superpower and they keep growing with a fast pace. it is just so amazing .





William Regan, I’ve been living in China for seven years.

Answered Oct 8

For me the speed of development is insanely quick. I’m from the USA — so I, of course, will compare it with what I’ve seen in my small home town of about 300,000 people (the whole metropolitan area).

Last time I hadn’t been home in over two years. When I returned, basically all of the stores were exactly the same — the people were in the same spots — and there was no drastic change to anything.





In China, I remember going back to visit Zhuhai after working in Guangzhou for three months. I could hardly recognize the street I had lived on before. There was a massive new tunnel added to the road and many of the stores had changed.

In 2010, in Guanghzou, I remember looking for apartments around the Liede neighborhood. I concluded that the neighborhood had “nothing going on” and seemed so empty. Fast forward just 2 years later and that neighborhood had become the city’s number one night spot — and had become one of the most expensive and desirable places to live in the city.





The pace of change in China is insanely fast compared with anything I saw in the USA. Businesses constantly open and close. New buildings pop up. Old buildings are razed to the ground to make way for newer ones. Massive, new buildings can go from a hole in the ground to a completed structure in a matter of months.

The pace of change is just crazy.





Yuzhi Wang, studied at Beijing City International School

Answered Tue

I’m Korean and I heard American people talking about their country proudly before but after I went to LA and NY, ( Especially the subway system in NY is so……..)I feels like it’s not a big deal. The downtown areas are old and much of the architectures were build years ago. There aren’t lots of changes happening every year. China now owns the longest railroads in the world with the highest speed of 350km/h of HSR travels Between major cities. I know there’s only 1 high speed railroad in the US located on the northeast, but China really have a uncountable amount of high speed rail roads. Just search it up on the internet and you will see what great improvements that China had made throughout the recent 10 years.





Krishna Verma

Answered Oct 8

China is developing very fast if peeps don’t know about it yet .

Currently has top 2 fastest super computers in the world which they use for military purpose.

Military has 4th generation aircrafts though navy is not that strong .

In science ,they are advancing very fast though they are weak in pharmaceutical area.


source: Quora