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What a level has modern weapons developed?



125mm tank gun ammunition and automatic loader action, this kind of mechanical control can see a day.



AK-630's improved Castan shooting screen




BrahMos missile launch



The Russian escort ship launches continuously, showing that the vertical launching system has a small firing distance and large fire power.




When Doyle March emission, I was shocked by the TG.



This is a picture of a china produced fiber-optic guided missile.



South Korea K2 tank smoke bomb launch. In addition to visual obscuration, the smoke screen can effectively isolate the laser so that it can escape the blow of the laser-guided weapon. The so-called "haze and anti-laser is also"



Simply feel the two-dimensional vector spout of F22



Osprey, I feel very black technology every time I see this item.



Is the degree of flexibility of the US military dog more than you think? His value is actually underestimated by most "military fans." The bottleneck in the advancement of individual informationization in the future is the amount of battery carried by individual soldiers (whether you have experienced multiple batteries from the home appliance bottle). For the walking infantry, the mechanical dog is currently the closest effective solution, and the future direction may be ..........



what is this? This is the FA18E foggy weather landing. Between the vast sea and the sky, Carry out the aircraft landing ship only with the instrument. The daily operation of the aircraft carrier pilot is such a "coquettish"







Cough, the most terrible enemy, no more than a pig teammate, everyone must remember this sentence ..........



Just know that Cobra is motorized? Learn more about the more difficult pendulum maneuver........





Have you seen the cobra of Su-27? Dragon fighters expressed dissatisfaction



Ordinary people can't bear the high-load overload of the fighters, and the old irons don't want to mold (zhuang) imitation (bi)



I heard that shipborne fighter landing is very difficult. At the moment of landing, the pilot could not tell whether he had caught the blocking rope or not, so after touching the ship, he had to start afterburner to prepare for flying again. Old driver 666...



White phosphorus bombs, not much to say...



GBU-57 ground test, drilling through you is like drilling through A4 paper.



What a desperate experience it is to be bitten by armed helicopters.



It was a wrong hit...



I have heard that you want to see some china weapon maps? He said he had a strong body. 23333, warm up the crowd first.



"Armored and anti armor day", china tank active defense system against actual armor shell demonstration.



This is a test carried out by similar weapons in the west, from which we can see the details of its work.


China's near surface blasting test, seconds air seconds second air




Where is the age of silence, but some people are carrying weights... I must believe that our PLA is really strong.




The mushroom cloud can be formed not only by nuclear bombs, but also by a ton of warm pressure projectiles.




SDB light bomb penetrates 2 meters thick concrete without pressure.



Ultra-high precision cement projectiles strike moving vehicles, and this weapon is a precise hit to reduce incidental casualties of the only weapon.



The Soviet Union's heavy anti-ship missiles are being targeted.



Carpet bombing.



The A10 revolver hits the ground vehicle. At least the range of three to five hundred meters can be counted, and the flight speed of the A10 is counted. The ground personnel have already entered the range of the cannon in a few seconds after hearing the roar of the engine, and often they have no time to react and become a sieve.



VT-5 shooting,  hitting the bull's eye. The accuracy of the modern tank main gun is far more than the sniper rifle. In modern warfare, the probability of head shot by tank guns is actually much larger than a shot.



The high-performance hydraulic transmission of modern tanks is extremely difficult to produce. only a small number of countries can produce them. China has just entered this ranks. This led to the cost of a three-generation tank to kill Bugatti.... Nothing else, the speed of dozens of tons of goods was stopped at this distance, and there was no one can do in the civilian car industry.



Another M1



The cost of killing the luxury car is often faced with this kind of environment in the front line. War is the game of burning money.


However, the decision to win or lose the battlefield is still human.