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Why is country building a nuclear power plant?

 There are already about 100 nuclear power units in operation in the United States. Although the Sanli Island accident in the late 1970s temporarily stopped the construction of nuclear power in the United States, after the Fukushima accident, the United States started several nuclear power plants. For example, the news in early 2012: At the time, US President Barack Obama announced that he would provide $8 billion in government loan guarantees to help build two new nuclear power plants. This will be the first time in 30 years that the United States has built a new nuclear power plant. The two nuclear power plants will be built in the southeast of Atlanta, Georgia.


The number of nuclear power plants in the world's major nuclear power countries and the number of projects under construction (2016 data)


Therefore, any statement that the United States completely abandoned nuclear power construction since Sanli Island is a rumor, a rumor, a rumor, and an important thing to say three times!


Feel the global distribution of nuclear power plants, as shown below (data time and statistical caliber are different, so it is not exactly the same as the previous figure)




If it is true that some people on the network say that living around a nuclear power plant is dangerous to immigrate, how desperate people in North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea must be.


First of all, we have to answer a question: Why should China build power station?


China is already the world's largest industrial output value. Industrial production is a big electricity consumer, and China is still the country with the fastest economic growth. The annual industrial output value is equivalent to a large increase in electricity consumption.


There is also resident, which was hot in the summer of  decade ago. Most people still use electric fans at home. Nowadays, the city basically blows air conditioners. Well, the rural compatriots should follow the urban residents to pursue a beautiful new life. China's population of more than one billion people, each person using 1 kilowatt-hour day, is equal to several Three Gorges.


If the power station is not built, the factory will not be able to pay the wages if there is no electricity, and the residents will have a power outage every three or five. The people will have to smash the street.


The second question is why nuclear power


There are several types of power generation technology, traditional thermal power generation (including coal, natural gas, oil, etc.), hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, solar power generation.


Every power generation method is not perfect. traditional thermal power generation should be discharged. Even if it is used for desulfurization and denitrification, it can't be decarbonized. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It is not comfortable for high temperatures. China's carbon emissions are international. The pressure is also great.


Hydropower is greatly affected by resources. There are several rivers and rivers. The Three Gorges is one in the whole world, and the river is blocked. How do the fish in the river return to the upstream to lay eggs?


wind power? What if there is no wind? You can't let the people not use electricity when there is no wind. Solar energy? It’s not cloudy, at night? In short, under the current technical conditions, wind power and solar energy can only be used for supplementation, and can never be used as a conventional power source. Moreover, the cost of wind power and solar energy is extremely high. If it is popular, everyone's electricity bill cannot be more than ten or twenty years. Dime. (Supplement: The friends who have been engaged in wind power PV pointed out that I don’t know enough and accept it with humility. It is really cheaper to check the cost of wind power. The development and application of new technologies will gradually solve the problem, and the impact of wind power on the power grid will be known. There are quite a few similar questions in it. Which friend who knows how to make a statement and explain it is also solved?)


Of course, nuclear power is not without problems, investment is large, the cycle is long, and there are nuclear safety risks.


So the most appropriate approach is to configure multiple power supplies at a reasonable ratio.


How much is the ratio of nuclear power reasonable? Let us refer to the experience of the predecessors:


19% of the United States


France 75%


Russia 18%


Germany 16%


18% in the UK


30% in Japan (before Fukushima accident)


What is China? 3% or so, 13% below the world average