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What is the coolest design you have ever seen?

 Although it is "simple", it is definitely the coolest Halloween dress I have ever seen!


It is happy to have a good father. . .



So much praise, flattered!


Some friends reported no sound, I found the source video online. This is a gift from a dad to two nieces, a video taken by my mom. There is such a dad, the pressure of these two girls after the boyfriend must be very big, haha



The official video of the strongest ultimate father-female combat robot:


Don't abandon your weird ideas.

What if they all came true?



Designer Dominic Wilcox convene a group of children,


The smallest is only 4 years old, the biggest is only 12 years old.


Dominic let them paint on paper,


Draw the thing that you most want to invent



Sure enough, the imagination of children can not be estimated!


For example, Jamie, 10, wants a car like this.


"It can shovel the snow in front of the car.


Then pile a snowman out. ”



Ebony, 9 and a half, wants a hat like this:


"wear it, no matter what you think in your head,


It will give you. ”


Is it a bit like a pocket of Doraemon?


These are the children’s own paintings.


Dominic has not modified anything,


Just make the still picture into a moving picture.



The children’s ideas are not only wonderful,


A lot is completely achievable!



So, from Dominic, from more than 600 works,


Picked up 60 invention manuscripts,


Let the children meet with the lab and the manufacturer,


Let the graffiti turn into something.



9-year-old Wendy wants a family scooter


So can bring mom and dad together.



A company called AMAP likes this idea very much.


Also let Wendy come to the site to guide.





The finished product is out!


If Dad’s height is too high,


The handle of the scooter can also be raised accordingly~



The 11-year-old Georgia thinks that the barreled chips are delicious.


But the bottom piece is always out of the way.


If you have this long spoon...


It can be realized with 3D printing technology.


The shape of the bottom of the long spoon is perfectly matched with the potato chips.



9-year-old Danny wants a life-saving bracelet.


"If you are accidentally flooded,


You can press the button on the side of the bracelet.


It will immediately fill up a life-saving air bag!


Seriously describe the idea...



Finally made a 3D model


(Well, with the model, the real thing is not far away)




12-year-old Henry brings benefits to patients with late-stage cancer


This toothbrush has toothpaste in the handle


Usually just press the button,


The toothpaste will automatically squeeze onto the toothbrush



The final product,


Although I gave up the auto button,


But it is said to be quite easy to use.