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The moment when the head was cut off, did the head feel that the body had fallen, or did the body feel that the head had fallen?

 The head and the body will not feel that the other party has fallen, but the head will feel the whole person spinning down.
Some unfortunate people have been cut off their legs, but they think that their limbs are healthy, and the non-existent legs even have the feeling and can move. This is the phantom limb.
At the moment when the head is cut, there is a high probability that phantom limbs will occur. The head thinks that the body is still in place, and the rotation of the head is mistaken for the movement of the whole body.
This feeling can be very strange, as if the body penetrates the ground, and somersaults beneath the surface. Should it feel like a diver spinning and falling?

Want to experience the feeling of beheading? Go diving.
Will not dive? Drip beheading allows you to experience the feeling of diving anytime, anywhere, without the need for a springboard, 720-degree flip is not a dream! only one experience per person! ∠( ᐛ ∠)_
In the film and television works, the role open the quilt will stunned “where is My legs?!!!”. It's not a fabricated story. about 50 to 80 percent of amputees produce phantom limbs, which are particularly common when patients are unaware, such as soldiers in war.
In addition to limbs, phantom limbs or phantom limb pain may occur in other parts, such as facial features, breasts, teeth, and even internal organs such as the uterus and appendix. The whole body should have no problem.

Some people who are born with physical defects will have an illusion of their own limbs after amputation. For example, if someone is born with no right thumb, then the right hand of the little finger is removed, and the "phantom limb" that her brain fills out may be a sound right hand!

              Before amputation               After amputation                     Phantom limb
But if he is born with no hands, then in any case it is impossible to imagine the feeling of having a hand, just as we can't imagine the feeling of having a tail ( ́・Д・)
Therefore, the "phantom limbs" that girls often say are impossible. only the boys who have been cut jj and cut jj are...