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Harvard School used garbage to build a building, it attracted Jackie Chan and let the world see the future!



Just misplaced the resources .


Plastic building


In Taipei City,


There is such a building.


It looks ordinary,


It is no different from a general fashion building.



But take a closer look,


This 9-storey building,


Every "brick" on the wall,


Actually they are all plastic bottles!



This EcoArkPavilion


Designer Arthur Huang,


I didn’t think of it myself.


This 1.5 million plastic bottles


a lightly floating house,


Originally planned to be demolished for one year


The result is two years, three years... eight years have passed,


Still as strong as ever.



Also let him back in 2010


The Earth Prize of the Financial Times,


The 2011 Asian Innovation Award from the Wall Street Journal.


This new technology that revitalizes recycled materials,


Shocked the world.



The first person to eat crabs,


Always going through more hardships.


In 2004, he received a master's degree in architecture from Harvard.


Arthur Huang should have become a professor of architecture.


When he talks in class?


“Waste can also be used as building materials,”


The students said that they “can’t understand”.


Because at the time,


No one has ever done such an attempt.



On the one hand, there is no technical breakthrough.


on the other hand,


Annual production of plastic bottles worldwide,


It has reached 500 billion.


More than 300 million tons of plastic waste flows into the environment every year.


(OECD report for August 2018).



Deep sea fish


They can't escape the claws of plastic particles.



Dissect a bird that died during the migration,


The belly is actually a shocking plastic garbage.



Photography: Chris Jordan


Yak on the Tibetan plateau,


Looking for food in the garbage.



People always think that


Are We not already doing it?


Is the garbage sorting recycled?


In fact, you never know


You put the items in the recycling bin with good intentions,


It is recycled and destroyed by the relevant departments.


Still being recycled by some merchants and then making a profit.



Such a businessman,


They once sent a death threat to Huang Qianzhi.


but failed to stop him?


The determination to change the world with technology.


Many people have spent a lot of time degrading plastics.


Let nature better "digest" the garbage.


Huang Qianzhi did the opposite,


What he wants to do,


Is let every piece of "garbage",


It has been used a little longer and longer.



a plastic coffee cup,


The time in your hand may be only 10 minutes.


But after recycling, it was transformed into clothing.


It can be used for 1 year.


The clothes are recycled and converted into furniture.


It can be used for 10 years.


The furniture is recycled and converted into a building.


Can use for 50 years.


We are very difficult in a short time,


Live a "no plastic" life,


But can you let every garbage?


Time to return to nature, infinite extension



The Ark is the best example.


Huang Qianzhi is determined to do one?


100% recycled materials for environmentally friendly buildings.


It doesn't have a brick, a tile,


The wall materials are the garbage collected by the citizens.


Made of plastic bottles.


The price is 1/4 of the glass curtain.


The insulation effect is 4 times better.



It has no adhesive.


Because most of the adhesive,


It is not environmentally friendly,


Still have to learn from the wisdom of the ancestors.


Like the ancient Kong Ming lock,


Use the Tenon structure  to snap to each other,


Form a steel structure lock point.


Not only does it not require glue,


It is also free to disassemble.



Even the power supply to the screen,


They all use the most environmentally friendly solar energy.


The lightest and largest plastic house in the world,


Passed the worldwide building codes,


Fireproof, waterproof and flame-retardant are fully qualified.


This allowed Reuters, the New York Times,


Heavyweight media such as the BBC are excited.


National Geographic even


Specially filmed a documentary for him:


"He is the hero of this era, an environmental hero!"



It’s this documentary,


Let Jackie Chan find Huang Qianzhi:


You have a way to let rubbish on the Tibetan Plateau,


Also become building materials?



Alpine climate,


Fragile ecology,


Let the garbage on the plateau be difficult to degrade naturally.


To recycle garbage in such an environment,


Also to be made into environmentally friendly recycled materials,


It’s no easy to talk about.



Huang Qianzhi led the team to study hard,


Finally made such a recycling system:


In the first machine,


Throw, grind, wash, bake,


The plastic bottle becomes a piece of plastic



Then put plastic fragments into the mold.


Bake for 40 minutes in second machines.


It can bake out environmentally friendly recycled bricks.


5 bottles of =1 block green bricks.


1 hours =184 blocks of green bricks.



Seemingly convenient system,


Experienced countless negative plans,


It took two years to do research and development.



These recycled plastic green bricks


Can be like ordinary tiles,


Built into the walls and floors of indoor and outdoor,


It is more waterproof and lighter.


The important thing is that it proves


The rubbish we make every day,


Really can turn waste into treasure!


Not in the ocean and the land,


Wait for hundreds of years to degrade.



But how do you put this recycling system,


Moved to the plateau?


Huang Qianzhi has a idea:


It’s not good to use the car after miniaturization!


that's it,


The Trashpresso was born!



Anoxic low temperature plateau environment,


There is no solar energy supply at night.


The power supply system was accidentally cut off,


Heavy machine crushed the bottom plate...


Have experienced many difficulties,


Ring-shaped zero consumption machine


Finally, I was able to operate independently on the plateau.


Zero emissions, zero waste,


Even the cleaning water is 100% recycled.



Huang Qianzhi and Jackie Chan,


Take the kids together to pick up the trash,


Experience the turning of garbage into fashionable bricks,


This magical feeling



A child asked Huang Qianzhi:


"Big brother, what do I want?"


Can do these things just like you? ”


The simplicity and kindness of the children


Let everyone move.


Children don't want too much,


As long as it is a good thing, it will do it.


Despite the hard road ahead




Shanghai Earth Day,



London Design Festival,



Milan Design Week.



As long as there is a ring-shaped zero-consuming machine,


Garbage is not just abandoned waste,


It is a raw material that can be used again.


It declares to the world:


Garbage can really be saved,


Garbage, really can be very sexy!



Huang Qianzhi has a lot of whimsy.


 he use an abandoned DVD?


A training center was built for Jackie Chan.



He uses plastic bottles,


Piled up an airport transfer station



He used recycled old shoes,


Created a flagship store for Nike



He took the waste of brewing beer,


Made a chair.



He put the discarded cigarette butts,


Made into an air purifier



We always think that


Environmental protection is far away from us.


In fact, every grain we eat,


Both produced garbage during the processing.


Every drink we drink,


It is possible to put a burden on nature.



But almost no one,


When will throw garbage into the trash,


Think about where they will go.


No one else,


Before discarding them,


Think about whether you can transform and turn waste into treasure.



The wonderful design of Huang Qianzhi,


Let people believe,


Garbage can turn into clothes, furniture, and architecture.


Can even be used to build airplanes,


Participate in the most advanced and complex product engineering.



Human thinking,


Advances in technology,


Really make this earth,


Better, better.


And garbage,


This is the resource that misplaced the location.


As long as there are artistic ingenuity and practical hands,


The place where the garbage goes is not only the waste bucket,


Instead, it can be transformed into beauty.


Light up our lives.