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The 18-year-old Chinese college student design creative cigarette case has become the youngest winner in the history of "Package Design Oscar“!



Tiny design,


Just put your heart into it,


There must be a big difference.


Creative cigarette case


Speaking of the cigarette case,


Everyone is definitely no strange.


There are many kinds of cigarette cases in China.


Red, green, green, colorful,


If is not a word on the cigarette box:


"Smoking is harmful to health",


Maybe really think they are sugar boxes.



And abroad,


The cigarette case is another scene.


(high energy ahead, look carefully)


In order to achieve the warning effect,


Foreign cigarette cases are generally on the outer packaging.


The following pattern is printed:



Rotten teeth...



Broken face...



There are even such...


I believe you are the same as me.


See these pictures,


All feel very uncomfortable:


No warning of smoking consequences.


It seems not very responsible.


But with those pictures,


It feel every antipathy.


Is there no better way?



Of course!


Chen Yi, a freshman from China,


During trip to Australia,


After seeing these packages, there was reflection:


Is it be warning people to quit smoking


rely on these disgusting pictures?


Cigarette case packaging,


Can't design an artistic sense?


So, the panda-themed cigarette case,


Just born under Chen Hao’s hand



This design not only subverts the tradition,


In an artistic way,


Let people reflect on the dangers of smoking,


More captured


2018 Pentaward NXT-GEN award!



When the panda cigarette case is not removed,


We saw that it was a complete panda pattern.


When a cigarette is pumped out,


Originally very cute panda head,


Gradually became a skull.


Panda and skull,


Two completely irrelevant elements,


Chen yu is skillfully blended together,


Not only form a strong visual contrast,


Even more unexpected results



Chen Yu hopes,


Through visual changes,


Let people realize that smoking,


Gradually consuming a healthy body,


Take one more cigarette each time.


Are causing irreversible damage to your body。


And the panda is China’s national treasure.


It is loved by people all over the world.


Especially children,


This is another original intention of Chen Yu's design.


The concept of smoking is harmful,


Should start from the child.


Why did he have this original intention?


According to the statistics


Among the 300 million smokers in China,


20% are teenagers,


Start from the child,


It is imperative to change the status quo.


Compared to word, "smoking is harmful to health,"


Or a horrible picture,


Let the children see,


Cute panda pattern,


Because of smoking, it gradually became skulls,


May cause them to be psychologically resistant,


Reduce the likelihood of future smoking.



This special design concept,


And caring with temperature,


Let Chen Yu’s design,


At the Pentawards 2018 Awards Ceremony,


Suddenly seized,


NXT-GEN award,


This award is called


"Oscar Award for Packaging Design."



NXT-GEN is the organizer of this year.


New awards,


Designed to encourage younger generations of designers,


Can shine in the packaging design world.


Chen Hao, 18 years old,


Become the Pentawards NXT-GEN award


The world's first winner,


It’s the Pentawards game,


The youngest winner in the world!


Just getting grown up,


Become famous,


For Chen yu, it is definitely not accidental.


He has his own opinion about design



he thinks,


Increasingly advanced technology,


Bringing convenience to people,


While the pace of life is getting faster and faster,


The loss of emotion between people is getting faster and faster.




We all came to a screen era,


a lively childhood,


The joy of the night,


They have become out of reach.



But he, but "stubbornly" wants to pass the design,


To awaken people's appeals for emotions.


Nowadays people are increasingly pursuing quality of life,


Good music,


elegant words,


Meaningful art design,


Is it not part of the quality of life?



Good design,


Not necessarily ambitious


Full of science and technology,


More over,


Can reach people's hearts.


Small design, just care,


There must be a big difference.



Of course, the growth of a person,


Can't live without family education,


For Chen Yu, it is no exception.


Chen Yu is very grateful to her mother,


In the impression,  mother respects his opinions.


won't tell myself what to do,


But listen to his opinions,


Go do what you like,


Encourage him to observe more and go out to see.


Since childhood, my mother took him to travel around the world.


Singapore, Japan, Malaysia,


Australia, the United States,


There are also most cities in Hong Kong and Macao.


The vision has become an important part of education.



For Chen Yu,


Go out and watch, go observe,


let him know more about the world.


On the other hand,


Idol is also a spur to yourself.


Chen Hao’s two favorite designers are


Sato Yamato and Nagasawa Naoto.



Oki Sato



Shinsawa Naoto


Sato can break the mindset to create,


And Naoto Naoto,


It can give unexpected beauty to the most dull things.


Full of life.


These are all pursued by Chen Yu.


He wants his own design,


Different but full of temperature,


Awaken people's inner feelings.


With the heart,


Chen Yu also designed "Handwritten Temperature."



A person’s handwriting represents a person,


The handwritten text of a person represents the emotion he sent.


I hope to design a pen to guide people to pay attention to handwriting.


Perceive the warmth of handwrit



Chen Yu’s work,


All with strong emotions,


The reason why art is beautiful,


Because it has no utilitarianism,


It is the pursuit of the spirit.


The 18-year-old boy from China,


Also with my own spirit,


Start walking on the road of design.



Maybe emotion is the most advanced art,


Touching people’s hearts,


It is the greatest success of art.


His website: