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Controversy behind glory:will E-sports make young people more addicted to online games




According to media reports, the 2018 League of Legends Global Finals is the largest and most important international e-sports event of the League of Legends, which has attracted the attention of hundreds of millions of e-sports enthusiasts around the world. Every October, 24 top professional teams from 14 divisions around the world come together to compete for the highest glory of the global championship.


With the development of the global e-sports industry standardization and sports, China has become one of the fastest growing and most concerned regions in the global e-sports industry, and has become the world's first region to launch e-sports home and away. With the rapid increase in the scale of e-sports enthusiasts in China, industry professionals pointed out that in the next few years will be the golden age of China's e-sports industry development.


However, e-sports have been controversial for a long time, and some people think that e-sports is a game. Some elementary and middle school students and even college students are addicted to video games, leading to academic ruin, and even people who are addicted to the game can not distinguish between virtual and reality and then jump off the building. Because it is similar to video games, the society has the rejection and vigilance of e-sports.


According to public information, in fact, games and e-sports are two different things.


First, the basic attributes are different. online games are entertainment games, and e-sports are sports items. online games are mainly simulations and role-playing for the purpose of pursuing feelings in the virtual world; e-sports is the intellectual and physical confrontation between people in the virtual environment created by information technology.


Second, e-sports has a clear and unified rules of the game, the most important feature is strict time and round restrictions. online games lack clear and unified rules of the game, and there is no time and round restrictions, which is easy to indulge.


Third, the e-sports competition is a competition between athletes with a fair and fair spirit of sports. Through the intellectual and physical confrontation between people, the outcome is determined. online games are mainly interactions between humans and machines or between people. It is not necessary to confront people to judge the results. This is also the main difference between e-sports and online games.


At the same time, in recent years,e-sports has also been increasingly recognized by the outside world.


As early as 2003, e-sports was officially identified as the 99th sports event by the State Sports General Administration. The serial number was 78. Its official definition is "the use of high-tech hardware and software equipment as a sports device, the intellectual confrontation movement between people."


In 2016, the Ministry of Education announced the addition of e-sports as a university major. After that, the Communication University of China, the Sichuan Media College, and the Sichuan Film and Television Academy all opened undergraduate e-sports courses.


In September 2017, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded the status of e-sports sports at the 6th International Olympic Committee (IOC) Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland, and stated that the “competitive” e-sports project could be considered. Become a sports event for the Olympics. If all goes well, the eSports project is expected to debut in the Paris Olympics in 2024.


After the end of the S7 Global Finals, the Central Committee official Weibo said: They applaud the winners and encourage unfortunate losers! Like this Chinese audience!


This year, the Asian Games in Jakarta was included in the e-sports competition for the first time. The Chinese team defeated the Chinese Taipei team 2:0 and won the first gold medal in the Asian Games.