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When problem encounter, What is the difference thinking mode between the powerful person and our ?

 Get a question and see how you think:


Suppose you are an store agent of "a brand of sports shoes". The store has been in Shanghai for several years. You hired a few guys to run your own small store. You come to the store once a week to understand. The business situation has always been relatively stable.



Recently, however, you have found that business is getting worse and worse, sales have been declining, and you have found that the "incoming price" of certain shoes is even higher than the "retail price" on Taobao. Many guests have tried a circle of shoes in the store. , the results went to the online to buy.


The morale of the employee has also begun to decline. When the guests come in, they are not willing to take the initiative to take care of them. You just got angry, but employee suddenly resigned...


You are very upset, the rent in this location is getting more and more expensive; the inventory is accumulating more and more because of the slow sales; even the originally busy area, the people who are now shopping are starting to become less...


The store has started to lose money, and you have invested a lot of renovation costs and inventory, and now the door closing loss is great, you are overwhelmed...


Please pause here for 30 seconds and imagine yourself as this agent. What will you do at this time?




Some people that they might say:

   "It’s all the evil of Taobao, Ma Yun ruined the real economy!"

   "The store rent is getting higher and higher, and the shoes sold in January are not enough to pay the rent. Who is going to lose money in the offline store...”

   "The young people are too irresponsible now! The business is a bit fluctuating, a little bit stressful,and then people are give up..."


Or do you think like this?

    "If the staff is not active, I will increase the sales of the employees. Money makes the mare go, and the refrigerator can be sold to the Eskimos. I don’t believe that I can’t sell a few pairs of shoes. I will start to look after store tomorrow..."

    " Didn't we have a few companies custom-made to a number of shoes last month?  contact more companies, and sell corporate customers! ”

    " I can also open a Taobao shop and move my business online."


Or do you choose another path?

    "The times are changing too fast. The new era may be have new methods and techniques that I don't know. I have to learn... like new retail, O2O, experience economy, short-circuit economy, social economy... I heard that it can solve the current This dilemma method!"

   “How do they solve dilemma? Are there resources from peers, I will exchange and learn...”


Why do people face the same dilemma, and everyone's reaction and solution will be so different?


Some people complain about the environment, some people become diligent, and some people choose to start tutoring and find new solutions.


Which way is correct? How do powerful people think about it?


Here, we need to use a new concept "NLP understanding hierarchy" to explain this phenomenon:


NLP (Neuro-Language Programming) was founded in 1976 by Richard Bandler and John Grindel. Former US President Clinton, Microsoft leader Bill Gates, and Big Director Spilberger have many world celebrities. All have received NLP training, and 60% of the world's top 500 companies use NLP to train employees. Understanding the level is a core concept in NLP.


In this world, every thing that has something to do with us, we will give it some meaning. For example, in the previous example, you may feel that it is Ma Yun’s fault!


Since the meaning given by each person will be different, our understanding will be different, the understanding will be different, and the solution will of course be different.


"NLP understanding level" says that we can divide into six different levels of understanding of one thing, and this level is divided into high and low.

If you look at this problem with a low-dimensional perspective, it feels like it can't be solved. But when you look at it in a higher dimension, it may become a very simple question, and even the problem itself disappears. Just like the era of horse-drawn carriages, everyone is looking for a faster horse, but when the car was invented, the problem did not exist.


To make it easier for you to understand, we divide people into six different types based on the different levels of understanding that each person is in. The higher the level of understanding, the stronger the ability to solve problems, the more talents our society needs, the so-called powerful people.


Next, let's take a look at the case of this offline store to see how these six types of people will think about how to solve this problem:


5th talent

  • Alias: blame
  • Solution level: environment
  • Typical thinking mode: It's all your fault!

The lowest level of understanding hierarchy is "environment"


What is the environment? Everything except yourself is the environment: the people around you; your leaders, colleagues; your company; your competitors; the market environment; the weather; the public opinion... and so on.


“The work is not going well because the leader is a fool...”

“There is no promotion opportunity because the company’s office politics is serious and there is no good promotion mechanism...“

”The house is too expensive to buy, it is because those black-hearted real estate groups, the government regulates incompetence, there is no rich father...”


In short, the current dilemma is not my problem, it is the problem of others, the problem of the company, the problem of the market, the problem of the government, the problem of luck, the bad life of my life, I was born in such an era and has encountered such a group of people...


And his path to find solutions will also be changed from the perspective of environment. For example:


    "This company is not good, so I have no promotion opportunities, then I will Resignation..."

    "boyfriend, he is getting worse and worse for me now, it is a scum man, and then    change one..."


I don't know if you have been in contact with such people. If you touch them, you will feel this "full negative energy." It feels that the world's misfortunes have been happened of them, and the is not enough and feel Life can't continue  in minutes...


We usually call this behavior "complaining", but have you ever persuaded these people not to complain? They seem to know that they also complain badly? But why are they still complaining?


That's because their level of understanding is at the lowest "environmental level". Their understanding of the world is trapped at this level, not because they want to complain, but in his eyes, except to see the environment. Besides, I can't see anything else anymore. Therefore, the best way they can think of is to change to a better environment.


If the fifth-rate talent encounters the dilemma in the case, he seems to be complaining about rent, Taobao, and employees. He really can't find any reason to explain this problem...


4th talent

  • Alias: Action
  • The level of solution processed: action
  • Typical thinking mode: I am not hard enough!


We go up one level and come to the second level of "behavior"


If you want to solve the problem, then you have to start acting! You can't change the environment, you can only change yourself! Why have you not succeeded? Just because you are not working hard enough! You don't change, how does the environment change? How do you improve the environment if you don't act?


Is it listening to chicken soup? A bit like successful?


The person at this level of understanding is a very optimistic and full of positive people. They never compromise on the environment. They believe that God will not pay attention to it. As long as I keep working hard, things will definitely turn around!


They are the "actions" and "doers" in the eyes of the people. They are the Slash of the new era...


At this level of understanding, when the problem occurs, he will first attribute the problem to "problem because my efforts are not enough." such as:

  • Is the income too low? Because I am not working hard enough...
  • Can't afford a house? Because I am not working hard enough....
  • Did the business fail? Because I am not working hard enough....

In short, if something goes wrong, first find the reason from myself and see if it is because i am lazy? Isn't the effort enough? Is it necessary to increase the workload?


If you are at the level of "action", the problem of "environment" becomes less important, because everything is your own reason, because you are not working hard enough!


To solve the problem, you will find a solution from the "behavior" level to see what else can be done to change? such as:

“I haven’t raised my salary in a year, and I’m starting work overtime one hour tonight!”

“Why did my girlfriend become cool to me recently? I have to send more news and call girlfriend to care for her! ”

“Has the company's performance worsened? It must be that I sleep too much, and I will not sleep tomorrow!

Going back to the original offline store case, if this fourth-rate talent encounters this dilemma, what will he do?”

"I pay 24 hours' rent, only 8 hours' business.  I will open 24 hours tomorrow, and I will be selling all day in the shop,! The staff has two shifts! "

Are employees lazy? Then I will increase pay, add the commission, please eat supper every day, as long as you are willing to work hard, have performance! 

However, we cannot help but ask, is it an effort, and all problems can be solved? 

The harder you work, the greater your achievements will be?


200 years ago, the average working time was 16 hours; 5000 years ago, people also  working at sunrise and Rest at sunset every day. They may be more diligent than you, but they can produce less than one-tenth of the value of modern society. Why?


Effort is indeed a necessary condition for success, but it is far from being a sufficient condition.


Why do so many people don't like chicken soup? Against successful learning? Just because they only tell you that you have to work hard, but they don't give you a way. They just help you get out of the lowest "environment" layer and come to the second lowest "behavior" level!  thought that if give you a encourage, you will start to struggle and you will succeed!


The solution of the problem, the progress of the times, can not be accomplished only by "effort". There must be more important factors behind it . We need to enter the next level of understanding...


Third-class talent

  • Alias: tactician
  • Solution level: ability
  • Typical thinking mode: The method is always more than the problem!



People in the agricultural age are working harder than you, but the productivity is less than one in 1/1000 . Why?


Because people now are more diligent? Of course not, because they have not experienced the industrial revolution and the information revolution. They will not use machines or use the Internet to improve work efficiency and collaboration efficiency.


What is the machine and the internet? It seems to be a tool, the essence is to expand your ability. 5000 years ago, you wanted to tell someone a thing, you have to rush for three days and three nights, and now the Internet does not take 1 second, the Internet has expanded your communication skills.


What is ability? That is, you can solve the same problem in a simpler and more efficient way. If have the choice, you will have the ability.


People who understand the level of "ability" level, when the problem occurs, will first be attributed to "because of my lack of ability".


Therefore, they will also find a better "method" to solve the problem at the level of "ability".

"The offline store business is not good because my business model is too old, I need to learn new methods... For example, I can reduce my customer acquisition cost and improve customer repurchase rate through the community economy...."

"The relationship with my boyfriend is not well handled. It must be that my communication skills are problematic. I have to learn communication skills that can improve intimate relationships, such as "Key Dialogue" and "Happy Marriage"...."

"I used to do business. Now I just became a department manager. The team's performance is declining. It must be a problem with my management ability. I have never systematically studied management methods. I have to learn an MBA from Gudison. Theorem starts to learn..."

These people have very strong learning and application skills, which can transform the learned knowledge into an actionable method to improve efficiency and solve problems.


They understand that no problem exists in isolation, someone must have encountered it, and there is already a better solution, but I still don't know it; I should not go alone in the dark to reinvent the wheel, maybe My epiphany is just the basic skill of others! I should stand on the shoulders of giants, learn more mature experiences and methods, and then solve this problem.


Of course, every level raised here does not mean that you don't need the next level. For example, if you have a method, you don't need to work hard, but on the basis of the original, you have raised a level of thinking. Otherwise it will become a castle in the air and talk about it on paper.


This is very important, remember!


The level of understanding of "ability" is the highest level that our "consciousness" can think of.


Going up again, we have to enter our "subconscious" area, the content will become more vague, you may have rarely touched these levels before, so it may be more difficult to understand.


What kind of problem is that you can't solve the problem with "ability"?


That is, you have chosen the wrong question!


What mean?


Before you start to solve the problem, you must first understand, what is the problem you are trying to solve?


For example, in the case of the beginning, there are many problems now, and which one is the most important one?

  • Is it a problem with team management? The problem of marketing methods? Still a business model?
  • Should we discount the inventory to reduce losses and prepare to close the door? Or strategic transformation, stick to the end?

Every choice means different trends in life. once you choose the wrong question, your excellent "ability" and "action" will only make you go wrong.


So how to improve the ability to make multiple choice questions? We need to move on to the next level...


Second rate talents

  • Alias: Strategist
  • Solution level: BVR (belief/values/rules)
  • Typical thinking mode: What is more important?


If the "capability layer" is the ability to solve the problem, the "BVR layer" is the ability to do multiple choice questions, what can be done, what can not be done, what is more important, what can be ignored?


What is the BVR?


B (Believe): Faith, what do you believe is right?


What do you believe the world should be like?  From a big point of view, it can be a world view. From a small point , it is one by one concept.


Why are our columns in the first quarter around the concept? It is to help you build a more complete world view, this is your hardware, the cornerstone of all your abilities.


V(Value): Values, which one do you think A and B are more important?


The difference in life is because of the difference in choices over and over again. What do we rely on to make choices? It is our values.


We have a certain measure of value for everyone, every thing, every concept. Different things, the value will be high and low, and the standards measured by each person are different. In the end we will form our own value ranking, this is your value.


Therefore, when there is an A/B choice, choose the one we think is more valuable.


We have a certain measure of value for everyone, every thing, every concept. Different things, the value will be high and low, and the standards measured by each person are different. In the end we will form our own value ranking, this is your value.


Therefore, when there is an A/B choice, choose the one we think is more valuable.


For example, if you are robbed, someone asks you, "Do you want money or life?" Usually you will choose to life, because your values are: life> money


But when you have 1 hour of free time, are you going to read book? Still brushing a facebook? Still sleeping? Everyone's choice is different. Because everyone's value for these three is measured differently.


Why do some people have difficulty choosing?


That's because his inner values are chaotic, lacking certain concepts, or understanding of certain concepts is unclear, there is no standard for value measurement, so he can't know which is more valuable, he doesn't know how to choose. 


R (Rule): The principle of being a person and doing things.


It's like a company's rules and regulations. Everyone has their own rules. How do these rules come from? It comes from beliefs and values.


  • For example, one of my codes of conduct is "friends who make time". How did this rule come from?
  • It is a belief from me, because I believe in the "multi-profit effect", I only do things that have accumulated things, can gain each other, and then wait patiently for the emergence of compound interest.
  • For example, many people have a code of conduct "I promise you will do it", behind it is actually derived from two values:
  • "Speaking of doing = Integrity" and "Integrity > Everything"

The significance of the rules is to help you make choices more efficiently, without having to think, discuss, and weigh each other...


Therefore, the "capability" layer is for you to do things right, and the "BVR" layer is for you to choose the right thing to do.


Those who are at the "BVR level" will first think about "Which is the most important issue?", "In addition to the problems I have seen, what is more important is that I have not seen it." of?"


Going back to the beginning of the case, the second-rate talent might think like this:


The decline of the store's performance may affect the following factors:


  1. Cost: rent is getting more and more expensive; inventory backlog; renovation cost has been invested; purchase cost is higher than Taobao price;
  2. Team: The morale of the staff is low and one person resigns;
  3. Market: Shops are getting fewer and fewer people, customers are now used to shopping online, online shopping is cheaper;
  4. Marketing: At present, the marketing method is relatively simple, that is, customers go in stores to buy.
  5. Channel: At present, there is only a single channel for offline stores.

What might not be seen?

  1. The transaction structure of the Internet era has changed: the reason why Taobao can be so cheap, because there is no intermediate link, the factory directly to the consumer, no need to go through the total generation, provincial generation, district generation... the value transmission efficiency is greatly improved, so The price can be so cheap.
  2. The offline store also has a unique advantage: our products are touched and can be tried on, the user experience is very good and the credibility is high;

Which one is the most critical issue? After some thinking, you have drawn the following relationship diagram:


It turns out that the culprit of all is because the connection efficiency of the Internet has become higher, resulting in a change in the transaction structure. Taobao stores have "short-circuited" mean don‘t have the intermediate agent, provincial, district and other links, directly facing consumers, so the price Can be so low. This led to a series of reactions in the back...


Fortunately, I still have a killer, you can't get the "experience" of the store!


Therefore, you have developed two core strategies:


  1. Short-circuit economy: Since the Taobao store can Remove the middle link, why can't I Remove it? Do everything possible to short-circuit the intermediate link and lower the price!
  2. Experience the economy: Improve the experience of offline stores, let users not want to leave when they come, let users experience fun and pleasure when they are shopping, not just come here to shop!

As long as these two problems are solved, other problems will be solved. (There are already successful cases in real life. we will not repeat the specific methods. You can find it online.)


This is a solution given by people who understand the level of "BVR". Those who are at the "capacity" level are likely. When they encounter problems and solve problems,just like make dough, When flour is more will add water . When water is more will add flour.There seem to be an infinite number of ways to deal with it, but the problem has become more and more, and it will never be solved.


  • BVR layer defect

Careful students see this, they may have doubts, can make such a choice, because several options have objective value standards, sometimes two choices seem to be right, or with a larger Subjective, what should I do?


For example, if you are still the dealer, would you consider such a question: "Do I have to be the boss? Or go back to work? I can at least have a million-year salary with my ability. There is no risk, why bother?"


For example, if you are still the dealer, would you consider such a question: "Do I have to be the boss? Or go back to work? I can at least have a 200 thousand year salary with my ability. There is no risk, why bother?"


What will your answer be?


To solve this subjective choice, we need to go one level further.

first class talents

  • Alias: Awakened

  • The level of solution processed: identity

  • Typical thinking mode: because I am XXX, so I will XXX


Understanding the fifth level of "identity" of the hierarchy is a very high level. The average person rarely answers the following question clearly:


"Who are you? What kind of person do you want to be?"


Why is the identity level so high, because different levels of identity mean having different BVRs, which determine your current choice and determine your future direction.

For example, do you want to be a sports shoe designer? 

Still want to be a successful businessman and make a lot of money? 

Or want to create a new sports brand and become the founder of the new brand?

You define yourself as a different identity, and the choice of the question in the case will be completely different.


  • For example, if you want to be a sports shoe designer, you may choose to go to work and turn off the store;
  • And if you want to be the founder of a new brand, you may choose to go to the foundry, directly produce your own brand of shoes, short-circuit all intermediate links, omni-channel sales; 


Sometimes you don't know how to choose. In addition to being unclear about certain concepts, the most important thing is that you don't know what you want to be.


If you don't know who you want to be, you don't know what you want. If you don't know what you want, you can't make a choice. You can't make a choice, and you can't get anything.


Usually the identity definition is clear and the answer comes out.


Having said that, you may think of the "role" topic we talked about in the last lesson. What is the difference between "role" and "identity"?


Since the "role" is passively obtained, you will feel that this BVR is a kind of "binding"; and "identity" is what you want to be, so its BVR will become a boost.


The level of "identity" actually corresponds to the "existence perception layer" mentioned in the previous lesson. What kind of existence do you want to be?


The reason why the last class wants you to "de-role" is to let you break through the constraints of the character, get a more "active" life, and find your own "identity" level. Because there are too many "characters" in your body, it will prevent you from seeing your true "identity."


When you know your "identity" positioning, you should build a corresponding BVR around it, build your ability circle, and make corresponding plans and actions, you will become the first-class talent!


You can create your own business, design top products, and become a leader in listed companies.


And above them, there are still a class of people. They are few in the long river of human history. They create miracles. They change the world. They lead the times. They can give up their lives for the sake of ideals...


Let's go one step further and see what the top talents are like...


Top talent

  • Alias: Leader / Great
  • The level of solution handled: spirit / mission
  • Typical mode of thinking: People live is chang the world!

Understand the highest level of "level"


What does spirit mean? It is your relationship with the world. That is the "life mission" that we often hear. What are you doing coming to this world? What can you bring to others, to society, to the whole of mankind? What is the difference between this world and you?


At this level, all the thinking is centered on two words "altruism". How can I choose to benefit more people? How can we promote the progress of the times? If I can achieve this, I am willing to exchange all of mine, including my life...


Of course, here is still to reiterate that understanding the level of the level of rise, can not be separated from the low level and  high level, or it is the castle in the air, become unrealistic, the "spirit" here will become a "sentiment" .


The "spiritual" level must be supported by the "identity" level. In other words, if you are at the level of identity and you don't know who you want to be, you can try to come to the "spiritual" level and think about what you can do for the world.  Can not be so big, even if it is only in one aspect, can help a small number of people,


Maybe this can be your mission in life, and then think about it. What kind of identity can better help you accomplish this mission? You can think about the problem of the identity level.


once I stepped into the "spiritual" level, I don't know what language can be used to describe such great people. only worship and admiration, their names are like the stars in the sky above human beings, shining on humanity. Please allow me to borrow an Apple slogan published by one of the era leaders, Jobs, in 1997 to give them:



Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

 — Steve Jobs, 1997


I hope that one day in the future, you will also have the opportunity to become a person who changes the world, and board this sacred starry sky, leading us forward.