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J.L. barcode poker|plastic TEXAS HOLD'EM cheat poker

J.L. barcode poker|plastic TEXAS HOLD'EM cheat poker

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Magic playing cards marked barcode on the side with invisible ink.

This page is only including barcode poker, if you need the analyzer too, you can click here to the barcode poker analyzer's page.
Product Introduce

Our barcode marked cards are printed with invisible ink, and work with cheat poker analyzer.
We are professional marked deck of cards manufacturer for many years. Our company have the latest high-tech technique and professional technicians. We apply the most advanced invisible ink to mark the playing cards. The ink is undetectable with the human eyes. only the scanner camera can see it.
The camera can scan the invisible barcode on the side of the barcode poker. Then the analyzer process the information and give the result of the poker game. The analyzer sends the signal to the earphone, then you can hear the result and win the game.
We have customers throughout the world such as America,Brazil,Russia,Italy. They are all satisfied with our products and our services.
Whatever you want to play tricks in a game or magic show, marked deck of cards are very useful for you. We can supply the wide varieties brands of cheating playing cards. We import the original playing cards from the original country.
Therefore our marked cards are of high quality so that you do not worry about being caught by other professional players.
There are many kinds of marked cards on sale at our store, for more details you can contact us anytime.
barcode cheat poker
barcode cheat poker
barcode cheat poker

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