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Copag Cards 139 DESDE| Marked Cards For Poker Analyzer Cheating Devices

Copag Cards 139 DESDE| Marked Cards For Poker Analyzer Cheating Devices

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139 DESDE Copag cards with invisible barcodes. The marked cards and poker analyzer can help you win the poker gambling very easily.

139 DESDE Copag Cards for Poker Analyzer

The 139 DESDE Copag cards are paper bridge size playing cards. On the side of the Copag cards, we print invisible barcodes. Then the Copag cards become barcode marked cards for the poker analyzer. Although these barcodes are invisible to human eyes, the poker analyzer's camera can see them. Because there is a special chip inside of the poker analyzer, it can tell you the results of the poker games.

So you can use the marked cards and poker analyzer to cheat at poker gambling. They will help you win. And it's very easy to use the poker analyzer and marked cards.


Advantages of our marked cards

We have the most advanced marking technology. Our marked playing cards use continuous surround printing technology. So our barcode is continuous. Therefore, the analyzer can identify our marked cards from any angle. In other words, there are no blind spots in our products. Products of other manufacturers will have blind spots in the four corners.

Besides, We have also developed dedicated high-precision marking equipment. So our barcodes are clearer and have higher contrast than others. Therefore, the analyzer can take a shorter time to recognize the barcode and tell you the result.

Our barcode marked cards are the best

One-to-One marked cards

We can produce dedicated one-to-one marked playing cards. only a dedicated camera can recognize this one-to-one playing card. The analyzer cannot see the barcodes on these one-to-one marked playing cards. Therefore, when you use this one-to-one playing card, you don’t have to worry about being discovered by other people’s analyzers. If you want the one-to-one marked cards and camera, you can contact us.

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