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Copag Marked Cards | Barcode Poker Cheating Playing Cards

Copag Marked Cards | Barcode Poker Cheating Playing Cards

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The best poker cheating playing cards and poker analyzer can help you win the games. Get the Copag marked cards today and start to win.

Copag Cheat Poker Marked Cards for Poker Analyzer

Do you like money? The Copag marked cards can help you to win money.

The Copag poker cheating cards are based on the ordinary Copag playing cards. Red and blue set with regular index. And this version is poker size plastic playing cards.

If you often use this Copag playing cards in poker games, then this Copag marked cards will be a perfect choice for you.

Because the barcodes are totally invisible, the Copag marked cards look the same as ordinary Copag playing cards.

But the hidden camera of poker analyzer can see the barcodes. Don't worry, the hidden camera is special camera. The normal camera can't see the barcodes.

Then the poker analyzer can tell you the results of the poker games. So you can know how to bet to win more money.

You can take a look at the demo video below.

Copag marked cards rb poker size regular index
Clockspeed 100mhz

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