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Poker Club Marked Cards for Analyzer| Best Poker Cheating Device

Poker Club Marked Cards for Analyzer| Best Poker Cheating Device

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How to cheat at poker gambling? One of the best ways is using marked cards and poker analyzer. The best gambling cheating devices.

Poker Club Marked Cards - Poker Cheating Device

How to cheat at poker gambling? You need our poker cheating devices. The marked cards and poker analyzer can help you win a lot from poker gambling very easily.

The barcode cheat poker cards have invisible barcodes on the edge. Because the barcodes are totally invisible to humans, you can see nothing with your naked eyes.

Besides, our cheat poker cards are based on ordinary playing cards. So the cheat poker cards look the same as ordinary playing cards.

Although we can't see the invisible barcodes, the poker analyzer can identify the barcodes very quickly.

How do poker analyzer and marked cards work?

The poker analyzer looks the same as an ordinary smartphone. But there is a special scanner camera inside of the poker analyzer. And there are infrared LEDs next to the scanner camera.

When the poker cheating program works, the infrared LEDs illuminate marked cheat poker. Then the scanner camera can identify the barcodes of the poker cheating cards.

The invisible barcodes contain information about cheating playing cards. The scanner camera gets cheating poker cards' information, and the poker cheating program calculates outcomes of the poker games according to the information and rules of the poker game.

You can use our wireless mini spy earphones to receive the results of the poker game. Or you can choose the time mode of the poker analyzer. In the time mode, you can see the results on the analyzer's screen. For example, the poker analyzer shows the time is 16:27:01 means the time is 16:27, and player 1 will win the game. If the time is 16:27:02, it means player 2 is the winner.

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