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QEACHI marked cards of cheat device can help you win | JL Cheat Poker

QEACHI marked cards of cheat device can help you win | JL Cheat Poker

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What are barcode QEACHI marked cards?

Barcode marked cards, for example, QEACHI marked cards 405, look like ordinary cards. Since there are invisible barcodes on their edges, the playing cards analyzer can identify each card by the barcode. After that the gambling cheating system will analysis the information and figure out the reasult of the gambling. Then the analyzer host will send the result to you by earphone. So that, you can know the results before the games begin with the barcode marked cards and poker analyzer.

If you are looking for other gambling and cheating devices, you can visit our homepage and marked cards store.



QEACHI marked cards

QEACHI 405 playing cards

The QEACHI 405 playing cards are plastic playing cards. You needn't worry about they getting wet, because they are waterproof. In other words, you can use them anywhere you want. The QEACHI 405 playing cards use the classic diamond design which is very popular around the world. Meanwhile, they are poker size playing cards. So they are very suitable for Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and other poker games.

QEACHI marked cards

Why you need barcode QEACHI marked cards?

This is an information age of big data. No matter what you do, you ca n’t do without access to information. If there is no information, it will lead to many wrong decisions. So now who can grasp the information, who can succeed.

For example

One of the daily tasks of Paul Hoting, CEO of Wall Street "Derwent Capital Markets", is to use computer programs to analyze the messages of 340 million Weibo accounts worldwide, and then to judge public sentiment, and then use "1" to "50" Score. based on the scoring results, Hoting then decides how to deal with millions of dollars of stock in his hands.
Hoting ’s principle of judgment is simple: if everyone seems happy, buy it; if everyone ’s anxiety rises, sell it.
This recruitment effect is remarkable-Hoting's company obtained a 7% rate of return in the first quarter of the year.

For the same reason, the analyzer will tell you the results. If you are going to win, bet as much as possible. If you are going to lose, just stop betting.

You can click here to learn more about the marked cards analyzer.

QEACHI marked cards

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