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Poker Scanner Analyzer CVK680 Cheat Poker Gambling Cheating Devices

Poker Scanner Analyzer CVK680 Cheat Poker Gambling Cheating Devices

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 How to cheat in poker gambling? The poker scanner analyzer CVK680 and barcode marked playing cards can help you win very easily.

The CVK680 poker analyzer is the best poker gambling cheating device of the CVK analyzers. In this industry, everyone knows the CVK analyzer is best. So the CVK680 is the best poker analyzer at present.

How does the CVK680 poker scanner work?

The CVK680 work with the barcode marked playing cards. Because the barcode marked playing cards have invisible barcodes on the edge. Although human can't see the invisible barcodes, the scanner camera of the poker analyzer can see the barcodes clearly.

According to the barcodes the CVK680 poker analyzer can get the information of the marked playing cards. Then the gambling cheating chip inside the analyzer can calculate the outcomes of the poker games before dealing cards.

Generally, we use a wireless mini spy earphone to receive the outcomes. So you can decide how to bet to get the biggest gain according to the outcomes.

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