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Wireless Radio Transmitter And Receiver Gambling Cheat Devices

Wireless Radio Transmitter And Receiver Gambling Cheat Devices

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Wireless Wireless Audio Adapter enables you wirelessly transmit music from your PC, Mp3 player,Cell phone, iPod, TV, surround sound receiver , game console, network music player or Notebook to your HIFI,speaker, headset, and any analog audio source in other listening room.

The Sender transmits audio from your computer or from any product with 3.5mm mini-jack. The Receiver connects audio to any product with mini-jack or RCA audio connectors. You will then enjoy great quality music.
Wireless Audio Adapter. Transfer music wirelessly from any audio device or computer to your powered speakers, surround receiver, or powered subwoofer. CD-quality HD stereo sound with no reduction in audio quality.
Unwire your music. Hear all your music - no dropouts, static, or noise. Some pretty clever engineering means your music remains free from interference from wireless routers, cordless and mobile phones, microwave ovens, Bluetooth and WiFi devices.
Hear the Difference.The TP-WT02 wireless audio transceiver system sets a new level of quality and ease-of-use for wireless audio. Even if you're not an audio enthusiast, we guarantee you will still hear a difference!





audio input: 3.5mm stereo audio jack; by sender;
audio output: 3.5mm stereo audio jack ; by receiver
Plays all music formats from any media player
RF Band: 2.4GHz
RF data rate: up to 2Mbps
Operational Range: 15meters(64K@16bit*2); 30meters(48K@16bit*2); 80meters(16K@16bit*2)
Transfer music wirelessly from various audio sources to home theater, speaker, and headset
64K@16bit*2 HDCD-quality stereo sounds with no reduction in audio quality metal panel surface
Dimension: 80mm(L)*69mm(W)*25mm(H)

Clockspeed 100mhz

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