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BICYCLE Infrared Marked Cards - To Be The millionaire!|JL Cheat Poker

BICYCLE Infrared Marked Cards - To Be The millionaire!|JL Cheat Poker

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Bicycle Infrared Marked Cards

Bicycle infrared marked cards can help you know the hole cards of your opponents and win the gambling easily.

If you are looking for other gambling and cheating devices, you can visit our homepage and marked cards store.


If you don't know what are infrared marked playing cards and contact lenses yet, then you need to read this blog first-Infrared Marked Cards and Contact Lenses Introduction.

Playing cards are a great invention. With only 54 cards, there are thousands of games. Almost every poker game tends to be a brain contest. You need to analyze based on the cards you got and the cards that have appeared. Then guess what your opponent's card will be and formulate your strategy. In this case, it becomes very important to be able to accurately know the opponent's cards. At this time, you need the infrared marked playing cards and infrared contact lenses.

once you have used it, you will find it so good that you never want to stop.

Bicycle Infrared Marked Cards

Playing Cards

The size of the bicycle playing card is the international standard poker size: 8.8 * 6.3cm. Secondly, the bicycle playing card is printed using the Air suppression method that is commonly used in the USPCC. Each card of a bicycle playing cards are pressed from three sheets of paper, while ordinary playing cards are pressed from one sheet of paper. Bicycle playing cards are many times stronger than ordinary playing cards in terms of size, printing, card paper, elasticity, and life.Bicycle Infrared Marked Cards

Because this brand is too popular, for Americans, Bicycle Playing Cards is a very common thing, so if the magician can perform magic with the cards of this brand, then he is performing "true magic". Bicycle Infrared Marked Cards

Bicycle playing card's back is designed with white borders, which is suitable for the needs of many magics that need to reverse the card in advance, for example: Triumph, Sandwich, etc ...

Many props and playing cards are made with the design of the pattern, including the products issued by the author. So they have become the best choice for most magicians.

The American magic world has been playing card magic for many years. When American magicians exported their magic, they also sold the brand to the hands of magic lovers around the world.Bicycle Infrared Marked Cards

Bicycle Playing Card feels pretty good, much easier to handle than other types of playing cards, (Better Manipulation)

Bicycle Infrared Marked Cards cheat poker

Mark Types of Bicycle Infrared Marked Cards

The most popular mark type(or style) among our customers is the big font mark type with suit. Because, it's very easy to see the big font from a long distance. This type is friendly to most poker players. Therefore, we most recommend buying this type of Bicycle infrared marked cards.

Bicycle Infrared Marked Cards mark type

In addtion, we have other three types ordinarily. The four types are most efficient type, especially the types with suit.

marks styles

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