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COPAG Infrared marked cards B&R Suit cheat poker device|JL Cheat Poker

COPAG Infrared marked cards B&R Suit cheat poker device|JL Cheat Poker

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COPAG Infrared marked cards
With special infrared invisible ink marks on the back of the poker, the marked cards become great gambling cheating props. The special infrared invisible ink cannot be recognized by the naked eye, but you can see them by wearing special infrared glasses or contact lenses.

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Similar to the principle of a banknote detector, this special infrared invisible ink mark can be seen by using light with a wavelength different from visible light. Thanks to the characteristics of this special infrared invisible ink, infrared marked poker looks just like ordinary poker. Therefore, it is difficult to be found by others in the process of use.
So you can win the gambling 100%, because you can see all of the cards. It is not limited by the environment and distance, and it is effective in the range you can see with your naked eyes. At the same time, you can read other people's cards at any time.

copag ifrared marked cards cheat poker
copag ifrared marked cards
copag ifrared marked cards suit

In addition to the above mark type, we can also make different mark types or customize the type of mark you want. 

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