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Copag Marked Cards Double Set| Poker Cheating Cards

Copag Marked Cards Double Set| Poker Cheating Cards

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What are marked cards? How to cheat in poker with the Copag marked cards and infrared contact lenses? The best poker cheating devices you should know.

Copag Marked Cards - Regular Index Poker Cheating Cards

How to cheat in poker? You can try the Copag marked cards and infrared contact lenses. 
The Copag double set cards are plastic poker size playing cards. And these decks are regular index decks. We use the genuine Copag ordinary playing cards to make the marked playing cards.

Because the marks we make are invisible to naked eyes. The marked cards look the same as ordinary playing cards. We don't change the appearance of playing cards. They are exactly the same.

So how to read the invisble marks of the marked cards? You need infrared contact lenses first. When you are wearing the infrared contact lenses, you can see the invisible marks clearly.

In these invisible marks, we designed special symbols to distinguish suits. So you can know the numbers and suits of the playing cards. 

This is how the marked playing cards and infrared contact lenses work. Everything is very simple. You just need to wear contact lenses and use our marked playing cards.

In addition, we can also accept customization. If you are worried that the playing cards will be different due to the origin and batch, you can send your playing cards to us. We can make invisible marks for your playing cards. We will maintain the original packaging of your playing cards so that everything looks the same as new.

Contact us and get more poker cheating devices information. Whatsapp:+17868741941

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