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Infrared AVIATOR Marked Cards for Infrared Lenses | JL Cheat Poker

Infrared AVIATOR Marked Cards for Infrared Lenses | JL Cheat Poker

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What Are Infrared AVIATOR Marked Cards?

Infrared AVIATOR marked cards can help you know the hole cards of your opponents and win the gambling easily.

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If you don't know what are infrared marked playing cards and contact lenses yet, then you need to read this blog first-Infrared Marked Cards and Contact Lenses Introduction.

As we all know, the selection conditions for pilots are more demanding. Excellent vision is one of the most important conditions. Because the pilot can fly the fighter, the speed can exceed the speed of sound. At such a terrible speed, the plane will travel a long distance in an instant. So the pilot must be able to see very far objects at extreme speeds. These objects often look very small at such a long distance. But in the next moment the plane will come to them. From this point of view, good eyesight is very important for pilots.

What if the night comes and the human eye cannot see the objects? Don't worry, modern technology can help them. For example, the radar detector will display the information on the display screen, and the pilot can obtain the information through the display screen. In addition, infrared detectors can display infrared images on the display. By this way, the pilots can gain night vision.Infrared AVIATOR Marked Cards

In the same vein, the infrared contact lenses can give you infrared vision. That's to say, only you can see the invisible marks on the infrared marked cards. So that, you can win the gambling and money easily.Infrared AVIATOR Marked Cards

 AVIATOR marked cards cheat poker

AVIATOR Playing Cards

AVIATOR is one of the most famous USPCC brand. The AVIATOR playing cards use a smoothie process that is different from BICYCLE playing cards. A smooth coating is formed on the surface of the playing cards, which makes the playing cards have good adhesion while maintaining smoothness and unique hand feel.
The edges of each playing card are individually stamped and locked. The edges are lubricated, and there is no fluff for long-term use. Morevoer, the AVIATOR playing cards are standard poker size playing cards.

AVIATOR cheat poker marked cards

AVIATOR marked playing cards

AVIATOR playing cards cheat poker

Mark Types of Infrared AVIATOR Marked Cards

The most popular mark type(or style) among our customers is the big font mark type with suit. Because, it's very easy to see the big font from a long distance. This type is friendly to most poker players. Therefore, we most recommend buying this type of infrared AVIATOR marked cards.

AVIATOR marked cards mark type


In addtion, we have other three types ordinarily. The four types are most efficient type, especially the types with suit.

marks styles

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