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MODIANO Infrared Marked Cards of 4 Corner Version | JL Cheat Poker

MODIANO Infrared Marked Cards of 4 Corner Version | JL Cheat Poker

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MODIANO Infrared Marked Cards

Using MODIANO infrared marked cards or other brands and infrared contact lenses is one of the most efficient ways to cheat and win a lot of moneyin gambling.

If you are looking for other gambling and cheating devices, you can visit our homepage and marked cards.


If you don't know what are infrared marked playing cards and contact lenses yet, then you need to read this blog first-Infrared Marked Cards and Contact Lenses Introduction.

modiano infrared marked playing cards

For example, the application of Night-vision Goggles. MODIANO Infrared Marked Cards

The United States and Israel jointly provide a night vision flight image system. The system is installed on both sides of the upper part of the pilot's goggles to obtain critical flight information. It is transmitted to goggles. After superimposed with the image of the goggles, the pilot can see the comprehensive night scene.

After being equipped with this device, the time for the pilot to look down at the instrument is greatly reduced. This greatly enhances the pilot's combat capabilities. The system is also used by the US Marine Corps.

Just like that, after you using the infarred marked playing cards and infrared contact lenses, you can see the marks. So that, you know what the cards in other's hands are. Then you can easy win the gambling.


MODIANO 4 Corners Playing Cards

MODIANO is one of the most popular playing cards brand all over the world. This Italian Modiano playing cards are poker size playing cards. In the meantime, they are plastic playing cards. As we all know, plastic playing cards are waterproof. So you needn't worry about the plastic playing cards getting wet. Moreover, plastic playing cards are more durable than paper playing cards.

modiano marked playing cards

modiano marked playing cards 4 corner

The fonts are on the 4 corners of the MODIANO 4 CORNER playing cards.

 modiano marked playing cards


Mark Types of MODIANO Infrared Marked Cards

The most popular mark type(or style) among our customers is the big font mark type with suit. Because, it's very easy to see the big font from a long distance. This type is friendly to most poker players. Therefore, we most recommend buying this type of MODIANO infrared marked cards.

mark type of MODIANO infrared marked cards

In addtion, we have other types ordinarily. The four types are most efficient type, especially the types with suit.

marks styles

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