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Marked Playing Cards for Sale| Fournier 505 Cheating Cards

Marked Playing Cards for Sale| Fournier 505 Cheating Cards

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The best fournier 505 marked playing cards for infrared contact lenses. Now, get the poker cheating devices and start your winning life.

Marked Playing Cards - Fournier 505

How to cheat in poker? The marked playing cards and infrared contact lenses are good choices. There are invisible marks on the back of the playing cards. You can't see the marks without an infrared filter. So you need infrared contact lenses or sunglasses to read the invisible marks.

Thanks to the invisible marks, you can get a huge advantage. With the help of these poker cheating devices, you can know every card of your opponents. In this case, you can maximize the victory. Even if your hand cannot beat your opponent, you can reduce your losses by reducing your bets.

Advantages of our marked playing cards

  • Service life

We have the best stabilizer of the invisible ink. So our invisible ink is more stable than others. In order to make the marks more stable, we use an additional coating technology. After we finish printing, we will cover it with a special coating. This layer of coating can isolate the mark from the air. This can further prevent the ink from being oxidized by the air. Therefore, our unopened marked cards can be stored in a normal environment for at least half a year.

The service life should be judged according to the intensity of use. You can contact us for more accurate service life information. Whatsapp: +17868741941

  • Marking clarity

Because different playing cards have different colors, patterns, and materials on the back. So in order to achieve the best visual effect, we will use different ink formulations for different playing cards. Therefore, our mark will be clearer than other manufacturers.

  • Type of mark

We constantly adjust the fonts based on customer feedback. Mainly divided into two types of markers: center large font and four corners small font. Because the marks of suits do not affect the font, all of our customers choose the mark type with suits. The big font in the center is more obvious, so it's easier to use.

infrared marked cards' marks styles 
  • Custom made

We can print marks for your playing cards. You can contact us and send us your playing cards.

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