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Contact lenses See Invisible Luminous Ink Marks Anti Cheat in Poker Cards Games Perspective Playing

Contact lenses See Invisible Luminous Ink Marks Anti Cheat in Poker Cards Games Perspective Playing

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1. What we have?

A. Magic invisible glasses help you to see another world in poker games;
B.  poker analyzer help you easy win in playing Texas hold em, omaha and any kinds of poker playing game;
C. Remote control any dice when you gamble with dices;
D. Ghost hand to exchange or hide cards when playing;
2. What we can do?
A. We can help you win 100% in all poker playing games;
B. To know the result of winning hand before the game;
C. We can tell 52 cards before deal in one second;
D. To have better winning hand;
     It is original Poker Club plastic playing cards made in China, it is processed with invisible ink by our company and will not be recognized by naked eyes,however,you can see the suit and number of the cards with  special UV contact lenses and  perspective glasses very clearly .It can use for party gambling,private casino or other poker games.
marking with invisible ink but still look like the normal cards,only can be seen by contact lenses so that it can help the players to win the poker games.
Material: trusted custom plastic and coatings
Size: standard size with regular index
C——Marking Styles:
(1) Mark one big number with suit in the middle of cards
(2) Mark 4 small number with suit in four corners of cards
(3) Mark 6 mini number with suit in white corners.
(4) can mark what suit you like if you have a large quantity.
1.The easiest and cheapest way to cheat in the poker game.
2.It still looks normally and new even be marked with invisible ink on the backside.
3.Just can be seen by  contact lenses or invisible glasses,it is hardly to be found by naked eyes.
4.The poker player can become the true winner easily by handling the whole game with this marked cards.
E——How to use:
Put this marked cards on the table, then wearing the contact lenses or perspective glasses, that you can see the marked pattern very clearly.
Need to buy matching perspective glasses in order to see the effect of(Perspective poker, need to buy matching perspective glasses look, just have the effect.)

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