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Marked cards sunglasses, can see the invisible marks of Infrared cheat poker

Marked cards sunglasses, can see the invisible marks of Infrared cheat poker

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Infrared Marked Cards Introduction
Infrared marked poker is a poker that uses special infrared invisible ink to mark on the back of the poker. The special infrared invisible ink cannot be recognized by the naked eye, and can only be seen by wearing special infrared glasses or contact lenses.

Similar to the principle of a banknote detector, this special infrared invisible ink mark can be seen by using light with a wavelength different from visible light. Thanks to the characteristics of this special infrared invisible ink, infrared marked poker looks just like ordinary poker. Therefore, it is difficult to be found by others in the process of use.
Our company spends a lot of money to upgrade and optimize this infrared invisible ink, and constantly adjust the ink composition according to user feedback from around the world. The infrared marked poker produced by our company now has the same appearance as ordinary poker. Invisible infrared ink does not leave traces and does not change the color of the back of the playing cards. When viewed through infrared glasses and contact lenses, the markings are clearly displayed. And the stability of our infrared invisible ink is better than other products on the market, and the effect can be maintained for more than six months.
Our company has many years of R & D and production experience. All infrared marked pokers are printed with our company's most advanced dedicated printer. This dedicated printer has been upgraded several times to ensure the display effect while using the least amount of ink, so it does not leave any traces on the back of the infrared marked poker. There are infrared invisible inks and ink pens on the market, but by manual marking, the ink consumption is several thousand times that of a dedicated printer, which will cause traces on the back of the playing cards, so it is easy to be found.
Every infrared marked poker is printed with a soft polymer coating. This special protective film can ensure that the mark will not be oxidized or washed away by water. And this protective film will not affect the original feel and color of the playing cards.
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Benefits of Infrared Marked Poker

1. There is no difference between the appearance of infrared marked poker and ordinary poker, and the concealment is very high.

2. You only need to wear infrared contact lenses to see the marks on the back of the playing cards. No other person is required to use it

3. Infrared marked poker is not restricted by venue conditions. Does not need to be at a fixed distance and angle. As long as it is visible to the naked eye, it can be effectively used.

4. Simple operation, only need to wear infrared glasses or contact lenses, no other auxiliary equipment required. So don't worry about being spotted for using electronic devices.

5. There is no time limit, you can see everyone's cards all the way.

We are a professional marked deck of cards manufacturer for many years. Our company has the latest high-tech technique and professional technicians. We apply the most advanced invisible ink to mark the playing cards. The ink is undetectable with the human eyes. only wearing the special poker reader can you see the mark.
We have customers throughout the world such as America, Brazil, Russia, Italy. They are all satisfied with our products and our services. We can mark the playing cards with the big number of fonts in the middle of the playing cards so that it is easy for you to read from any seat at the long tables. We also have other mark types for you to choose from.
If you want your own special marking cards, you can tell us! We can custom the marking cards for you.
Whatever you want to play tricks in a game or magic show, a marked deck of cards is very useful for you. We can supply the wide varieties of brands of cheating playing cards. We import the original playing cards from the original country.
Therefore our marked cards are of high quality so that you do not worry about being caught by other professional players.
There are many kinds of marked cards on sale at our store, for more details you can contact us anytime.

Wearing the infrared sunglasses you can see the invisible marks of the marked cheat poker
sunglasses of marked cheat poker cards
sunglasses of marked cheat poker cards
sunglasses of marked cheat poker cards
sunglasses of marked cheat poker cards
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