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Energy Saving lamp Poker Camera | Cheating Devices

Energy Saving lamp Poker Camera | Cheating Devices

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Energy Saving lamp Poker Analyzer / Magic Props

Product Name :ball bulb

Lens covert: external light naturally flawless, strong

Lens range: 1.2 meters or more

Service life: no heat for a long time

Acceptance distance: 3-4 floors far

Lens image : Super HD, no interference

Lens function: with light, remote control switch

Applicable areas: hotels, rural areas, cities, factories, etc.

Lens type: infrared, black, white, laser, color, all kinds can do

Overall dimensions: width 10cm, height 18cm

Lighting brightness: 105W

Chips used: imported high-definition chips

This secret lamp camera can read the back marked cards well. You can see the marks on TV or your cell phone instead of wearing contact lenses. Also, the back marked cards marks can not be seen by contact lenses or sunglasses. The sender of the camera, you can choose wireless, WiFi, or 3G/4G. So you can choose one kind of sender for you. And the short distance is 100m. But if you use Wifi, 3G or 4G, the signal can be sent to any countries. The camera lens is hidden into the lamp, so our lamp camera for back marked cards is very secret. No one can find the camera lens and if you use phone camera to scan our lamp, you can not find it. It is very fit for gamblers.
Marked playing cardsMarked cards
Clockspeed 100mhz

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