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Leather Belt Poker Camera | Magic gambling

Leather Belt Poker Camera | Magic gambling

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 The new one-on-one belt lens can reach a distance of 40-50 cm, and the effect of viewing is super clear.
Exceeded many styles popular in the market, the speed of the newspapers is reported, and the accuracy rate reaches 100%.
It is a powerful one-man operation lens (without black film). The belt lens is mounted on the ordinary belt scanning lens.
Automatically run newspapers when playing cards, poker mahjong wins and loses in hand. This belt lens installation effect is good,
The scanning lens is installed in the belt, and the density is so large that the player cannot find the position of the single lens.
It is also difficult to find flaws. The lens uses ordinary battery energy and is used for a long time.
It can be used for more than four hours on a single charge. You can also remotely switch, zoom, and swing the scanning lens.
It is a powerful accessory for a single person operating the analyzer and is very practical.

Clockspeed 100mhz

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